Sunday, 11 July 2010

House of Honey

As you can see, I decided to go for the DIY chop.

Mr G and I were invited to an awesome house party on Friday night, House of Honey. There was dancing divas, champagne cocktails, men in gold hotpants, lasers, hula hooping and a room full of amazing outifts. Had a blast, but still in recovery. Off to soak up some culture this afternoon at the Tramway.

Picked up this jumpsuit a while back in the Warehouse sale. Reduced from £50 to £7. So comfortable! Teamed it with some white peep toes from Office and my Westwood choker.


  1. The haircut looks really good. What lipstick you using btw? It's really nice.


  2. £7!? bargain!! - it looks fab on you lady!

    and well done on the chop, good job! have fun at tramway (that's where I work!)

    a x
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  3. That's a good DIY chop, want to do mine next?! It looks like a happy medium between long-fringe and short-fringe.

  4. @ Claire, the lipstick is good old 17 from Boots in 'New Black'. It's a compromise as I used to always wear Rimmel Black Cherry which just isn't the same as it used to be!

    @Ann, you work at the Tramway? Lucky you! We went to see the Christoph Buchel exhibition which was great, but a little depressing, so went home and watched the Princess and the Frog!

    @Julia, it's a little shorter now. Had to allow for all the uneven bits after I washed it the next day!


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