Friday, 13 August 2010

Ladies + Gents

I have to share this - it's my favourite band in the whole world playing a cracking wee tune onboard the Cutty Sark for a film called "G.M.T." must be back in about 1998/9?? I knew this had taken place, but I've never seen the film. It's a clash of worlds for me as I work for The Tall Ship in Glasgow. Gotta get them onboard. Although I might actually explode with excitement, even at the prospect - eeeekk!!
(edit) Thanks to RikkiSixx for hunting this down after many a year x

Here's a full length live video of them performing Crucified at The Horror of Rachel Stamp gig, London 2000. Enjoy xx


  1. since it took me forever to find the movie and make the clip, a little credit would have been nice

    but i do understand the excitement... ive spent at least a decade trying to track down that little 20 seconds and was thrilled when i finally did. to be fair, the rest of the movie is basically crap but. eh. whatcha gonna do?

  2. Hey Rikki, so sorry I didn't credit you for the clip :(
    I was literally peeing my pants with excitement and in a rush to put it up (at work!)
    Please see the edit xxx


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