Friday, 12 August 2011


Grindhoose is Glasgow's very own FREE grindhouse cinema experience! And it's all organised by my amazing wee brother.

Get your zombie arse down to The Old Hairdresser's (across from Stereo) on Renfield Lane, Glasgow, tomorrow night at 8pm to be transported back in time to 1970s/1980s 42nd Street New York and experience some of the trashiest, sleaziest and wild films ever to have graced the not-so-big-screen.

They will be screening two surprise films back-to-back along with supporting features and crazy trailers. There is a bar downstairs ...and you can drink in the cinema so come along and have a great time! On your arrival you will be escorted to your seats by our lovely usherettes the Zombabes!

You can expect to see anything from horror, Euro-sleaze, gialli, action, martial arts and revenge flicks and it's all FREE!!!

There will also be loads of freebies from Synapse and Alternative Cinema in the form of t-shirts, posters and DVDs so there will be a raffle (free of charge obviously) at the end of the night!

Seats are limited so make sure to "attend" the facebook page and please spread the word!


  1. Sweet!! I am all about zombies!! :D

  2. Tempted to go along to this if I can find someone to come with me! Sounds great! :) x

  3. Am missing this as doing down to creep it out before hand though. Think it's amazing and glad it's getting so much hype. Gutted no seeing the zombabe facebook feed has been littered with chat of tassels and usher jackets. BOO. xx

  4. Oh man, this is so up my dearies alley! (Yes, we have intellectual debates about how to zombie proof the house -- thus far it's yet to be zombie proofed... me scared, no likey zombies!) he would be in absolute heaven -- you must take photos!


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