Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happily Grazing

Sorry for the long absence. Had a bit of a crap week last week. My dad took ill whilst working in Malta and I flew out to visit him in hospital for a few days. He's still not 100% and my poor mum is out there on her own with him, so to be honest, my mind's been in other places. Hopefully he'll be well enough to fly home soon.

A dreary day at work was lifted yesterday with the arrival of my first ever Graze Box! I hadn't heard of the company until a friend offered me a voucher to claim my first box for free a few weeks ago. Thanks Smu! I promptly ordered up and just as promptly forgot all about it. So it's arrival yesterday with the postman was a bit of a surprise. I felt very special and a wee bit posh having my lunch delivered to the office.

My personal welcome, a flyer for a new wee book I've been gifted (top left) and my well loved Sons of Anarchy mouse mat (top right)

What is Graze?
It's a beautifully packaged little box of nutritious and delicious tasty treats, delivered direct to your door, as often as you want, for only £3.79 a pop. You can rate each of the 100 or more options as LOVE, LIKE, TRY or BIN. Mr G described it perfectly as "Love Film for lunch". I chose the 'lightbox' which means every wee punnet is between 54 and 146 calories. I got a cherry tomato, basil and puglian pesto focaccia, fig roll, very nori-sh and the waldorf. I've bumped everything up to LOVE except the fig roll which was nice, but not as amazing as the other 3.

A few morsels of my Waldorf Salad that I tried so hard NOT to scoff in 10 seconds flat. Failed. Will try harder next week to master the art of Grazing.

Fancy giving it a go? Click HERE and use my code (8NWT2KZC) to receive your first box for FREE x


  1. Oooh, I might have to try this, four quid for a box is pretty decent!

  2. I do enjoy the odd Graze box but I feel like it's never quite enough to do me for my lunch, more like snacks throughout the day. I am a PURE muncher! love to your dad xxx

  3. Hi Robyn! Just to let you know that for each person that uses my code I earn £1. I've chosen to donate this money to the Graze Uganda School Project instead :-)

  4. Hi Kirsty, I'm a pure grubber too which is why the box kinda appealed to me. I've chosen to receive mine on a Wednesday cos that's when I hit the gym. Hoping it will give me an added healthy boost (on top of my lunch!) x

  5. Hope your dad gets better soon, it must be awful him being ill in another country! I've never tried graze box but I'm tempted now.. hm...

  6. posh bird! id still be well hungry after just a few nuts and bits of grass for lunch though! x


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