Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I've Got The Munchies

Disaya "MUNCH" cuff


  1. I like the teeth on that!

    By the way, my degree show opens on Friday the 4th of June if you're interested in coming :) due to us being a bunch of disorganised douchebags I have only just recieved my invites to mail out :| anyway, it is at North Glasgow college from 6pm, I think. Refreshments will be provided (and perhaps jelly babies too).

  2. Julia, I'd love to come along, but I leave for the wedding on 4th June :(
    How long is the show on for?

  3. It's on until the 11th. We're also having a show in the Townhouse on Buchanan St from the 17th to the 24th, with an opening on Thursday the 17th, so pop along to that one if you'd like :)

    Hope you enjoy the wedding!

  4. As I live in the Southside, it'd be much easier for me to get into town, so I'll try and make it to the Townhouse. Good luck tomorrow night x


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