Monday, 28 June 2010

Love Cats

The girlies arriving at the ceremony venue


The bride's stunning Louboutins

Getting stuck in to the cider at the after-party - it's now about 2am...

Hanging with the band like a bunch of teenage groupies

Div allowing Mrs Davies a thrash about on his kit

It's Monday morning and I'm still recovering from Spinal Lou's wedding of the year on Friday! The day kicks off with rolls n tattie scones all round for the girlies. Miss Sian lines us all up and begins to apply the warpaint. One by one we slip (erm squeeze...) into our dresses with just enough time to help the bride into hers. We nearly smother her as a towel is wrapped round her face to protect the gorgeous ivory satin dress from the slap. After some wriggling, the zip slides into place and it's into the car.

The ceremony runs without a hitch, well, there was one hitch! And after a wee greet on my behalf, Mr and Mrs Davies emerge on the steps for some photos.

On to the Reception Venue, Hotel Number 10. Here ensued much drinking, dancing, eating, and many an outfit change as well! As the clock struck midnight a stream of taxis showed up outside to ferry anyone mad or drunk enough on to the after party.

Mad? Drunk? Hell yeah! Memories of this part of the night are a little fuzzy. Can remember warm cans of cider, one toilet between 40, silly dancing and a set by my NEW FAVOURITE BAND - Tragic City Thieves!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Davies. You ROCK!


  1. wow - you all look amazing - and the bride's shoes? siiiiigh gorgeous! x

  2. Looks like a bloody good wedding...rolls n tattie scones (oh how I miss thee), wedding party looks hot and I love your polka dot frock

    Sleekit x

  3. The bar has truly been raised for anyone else getting married this year! It was a rock n roll bonanza!

  4. Couldn't have done without you honey.
    Love your polka dot bones. xxx

  5. I love the pic of you and Lorna swigging oot the cans.

  6. Quality birds we are. Quality.


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