Thursday, 17 June 2010

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I've been desperate to get my grubby mitts on a pair of old school Docs for months but have never really had the excuse to buy ANOTHER pair of boots. Well, I've bit bullet and just ordered myself a pair of 'worn around the house' 14 hole DMs. Toyed with hanging off a few months (closer to the winter and therefore justifiable) for a pair of skinhead 20 holes, but Mr G looked horrified and for the first time ever, actually said "erm... I don't really like them". So, I snapped up the shorter pair on Ebay 5 minutes ago.
They're gonna look stomping teamed with my bridesmaid dress for the after party on 25th June! I can hear the shrieks already, but trust me, it'll work. In a kind of riot grrrl/trailer trash kinda way!
These new ones will be the sixth pair I've owned since my first ones that i got for my 13th birthday. Now I'll just have to put up with a whole summer of gouged, bleeding ankles as I break them in. Why does this always happen??

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  1. dontcha just love ebay?(-: enjoy your docs!

  2. Couldn't live without Eaby! In fact, my Docs have just arrived this morning! Superfast delivery!


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