Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Busy Busy Bumblebee

A good bleaching and harsh chop were long overdue. Apologies for the continuous re-hashing of Instagram photos lately. I know it's a lazy cop out, but it's just so quick and easy!

So what has been going on at my end?...

Last Friday I finished up my job working as Learning and Access Officer at The Tall Ship. I'd been there for 7 years and made some amazing friends during that time. As you can imagine, the tears flowed almost as much as the booze did. I got spoiled rotten with some wonderful gifts including a heart stopping collage of everyone I've ever worked with, a beautiful bumblebee brooch and a very generous voucher for Irezumi Tattoo. So, that's me booked in to get a wee memento of the ship and one or two wee pieces to mark the start of my floristry career, on 11th September.

No rest for the wicked.... I started my new job working at Little Botanica last Monday. Got hooked up with a laptop, keys for the workshop and the most delightful wee notebook and it was time to get stuck in! To find out what I get up to, check out our blog. I'm now a contributor over there so expect to see lots of lovely floral delights in the future. Go on - give us a follow!

Right, cheerio for now! x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Get Yer Skates On!

Mr G and I headed into town on Sunday afternoon to catch the end of Glasgow's Merchant City Festival. There was loads going on, including some great interactive public art, but what did we get up to? We decided to join all the families for a spot of roller-skating! I've gotta admit, it's been over 20 years since I've skated, but it does come back to you... a bit...

Are you ready for some live action thrills??

After all that over exertion we treated ourselves to some delicious Dutch pancakes drowned in Baileys and topped with skooshy cream.

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