Sunday, 27 February 2011


Primark cardigan // dress from Urban Outfitters // pink tights // Orla Kiely bag // Tarina Tarantino spider hairclip // Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes

Thank you for all your lovely get well wishes. My blocked sinuses finally gave way to a runny nose just in time for work yesterday - ick!

But today's another day and what a belter it was! I was up, bright as a button, before 9 this morning, just in time for Mr Sun to put his hat on. No great plans, but by a stroke of luck, I have been paid a day early (ya dancer!) so I decided to head on into town for a wee wander around. I've got to watch my pennies this month so I can afford to have my hair done, but a few spring accessories would help brighten up my wardrobe ;-)

Today's point of fashion was my Vivienne Westwood Melissa rocking horse shoes. An inspired, over the top surprise from Mr G at Christmas. I had no idea and was totally blown away! The weather has been so shit here that I've not had the chance to wear them yet - until today!

I decided to push the boat out with this outfit and left the house for the first time in about 20 years (I kid you not!) wearing NO BLACK...

Well, there's a smattering in the dress and I suppose the shoes could be termed black (I think that's what it says on the box) but they are most definitely grey.

I love this dress, but as soon as I stepped outside I remembered why I always wear it with black leggings...whhhooooooshh!!! The slightest breeze and it's round my ears. I think I almost caused a car crash when I was trying to withdraw cash - a flash of robust hot pink ass will catch the eye of even the most diligent drivers! Any normal person would have retreated home and got changed, but not me. I just kinda fought with it til I got on the bus and then decided my best plan of action in town would be to stay inside the shops - not a difficult task.

Had a great wee rummage in TK Maxx. Found a gorgeous Paul & Joe dress knocked down from £360 to £70. I squirmed and squeezed myself into it but if I even attempted to flex my arms my bingo-wings were gonna make a bid for freedom. Not pretty, not elegant. Looked at the Luella dresses that Florrie has been posting about, but they were still a bit out of my price range so didn't dare try them on. Walked out with a pair of Cynthia Rowley tights and a jolly nice scarf. Happy days!

How was your weekend?

Oh, and if any of you are members of The Shopping Forecast, please help me promote my items. I'm a Style Councillor and my Fred Perry dress and Irregular Choice clutch are doing quite well, but I still need more votes to nudge them up to the top of the pile. If you like what you see, I'd really appreciate a 5/5 for each of them. The links are on my righthand sidebar. If you're a member of electorate and have entered into any of the competitions, let me know as I can vote for you too x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

I've never attempted a Things I Love Thursday post, but there's no time like the present!

Things What I LOVE...
  1. Top of the list is the photo above, stolen from Style East. This gal is head to toe inspiration for me at the moment. I'm all about pencil skirts, bright colours, wedges and geometric print tights and leggings. Like these McQ babies or these Sass and Bide ones.
  2. The Bargainista Fashionista - I LOVE a good bargain - in fact, I can't remember the last time I actually bought something full price... maybe my wedding dress? This gal has all the best bargains out there - enjoy!
  3. My new book, "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. In my teens I devoured books, everything from Plath to Burroughs, Camus to Levi, Orwell to Huxley, but as I've gotten older, my attention span has rapidly faded and now you're more likey to find copies of chick lit that I got free woth Cosmo kicking around my bedside table than anything with any real worth. But, after I showed an interest in True Blood a couple of years back, Mr G bought me the entire series of Sookie Stackhouse novels and I lapped them up! After exhausting every vampire series I could get my hands on, I was at a loss again for anything that held my interest. I need teenage books with short chapters and big text. So last week, embarrassed by my shockingly bad choice of books, Mr G kindly purchased The Hunger Games for me. It's awesome! It's set in post-apocalyptic America and the Hunger Games are an annual televised event where the Capitol chooses one boy and one girl from each district to fight to the death. No more spoilers - but I highly recommend it!

  4. Lilac nails! I seem to have moved on from my mint green obsession to lilac.
  5. Lighter evenings. It's now still light when I get home from work which makes me very happy! In Scotland, it can start getting dark mid-winter around 3pm. It's thoroughly depressing, so I'm all for the new 'Daylight Savings' Bill which, if passed, would mean that it stays lighter later. This also means that at the height of summer, Scotland might still be light at midnight - I can smell all night parties like they have in Sweden!
All the little things...
I've reached over 200 followers on GFC - thank you to all of you :-) // My tattoo has healed up nicely, so I can go for a swim tomorrow // Achraf Amiri's Trashion Book // planning a wedding outfit for my pal's big day on 12th March // our new shower - the old one broke last week // This little performance and interview with the Manics - cheers Alan! // Booking my 'black to orange' hair appointment (18th March) and my final tattoo session (Friday 13th May - eek!)

Things What I LOATHE...

Feeling poorly and as result, missing out on fantastic stuff that's happening in Glasgow this week including a great wee bash at Urban Outfitters tonight, including a 10% discount!! And Pam Hogg djing at the Pyuupiru Fashion Show that has been organised by the amazingly talented Claire from Bee Waits For No One. Gutted...

Having to work on Saturday :-(

What are some of your favourite things right now?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ziad Ghanem "Never End Never End Never End"

I'm snowed under at work, have sore, blocked sinuses and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself! But, I've been desperate to post these images of Ziad Ghanem's A/W show at London Fashion Week.

I don't often post images of catwalk shows, but I always make an exception for my Number One. Without a shadow of doubt, Mr Ghanem is my favourite designer. Just the right side of contemporary goth with enough bling thrown in to make every single piece a work of art. He also uses the most amazing models - all shapes, all sizes. These photos have been snatched from Christopher Dadey's site. Hop over for huge, hi-res versions!

Note the model in lilac - she's en pointe!

Ziad Ghanem AW11 edit from VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT on Vimeo.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Whip It

My new obsession. Roller Boots! I have vague memories of being quite good at it when I was wee. I could navigate twists and turns, jump off and on kerbs and successfully stop without injury. However, at 8 years old, YOU HAVE NO FEAR! Will I be able to make my dreams of gleefully skating along the newly refurbished Clydeside, all the way from my new office into town on a sunny summer afternoon, come true?

These are the babies I'm after (above). Rio Retro Roller Skates. How snazzy will I look gliding along the riverside in a pair of these?? They are just the same as the ones I remember (below).

Do any of you skate? Any tips??

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Purple Rain

Urban Decay in Fishnet and Zero // Boots 17 lipstick in New Black topped off with a slick of Lime Crime D'Lilac // chopped up Motley Crue tshirt // giant loveheart necklace from New Look // New Look pleather trousers // leopard print wedges from Ebay // purple crop jacket from Urban Outfitters (about 5 years ago) // 'sweet treats' bracelet - birthday gift

Friday night at the Pollock Ex-Serviceman's Club for a pal's birthday party. Purple theme, cheap booze, great choons and even better company. A great wee night out.

Some birthday balloons

Birthday boy blowing out his candles

Friday, 18 February 2011

Friend Friday - Does My Bum Look Big In This?

This week's Friend Friday questions are all about the dreaded 'body image'. So, I've decided to face mine head-on and have chosen some outfit pics that previously have not made the cut. Eek!

1. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed?
I'd have to say 'No'. I think I have a pretty well balanced body image. I was always a plump child, then a chubby teenager, resulting in an overweight young adult (about a size 16). About 6 years ago I decided to do something about it and dropped 3 dress sizes in a little over a ye
ar. I was chubby because I ate too much and exercised too little. Now, I eat in moderation (most of the time!) and I make sure I get enough exercise to maintain a healthy, average weight. It's not easy, but the benefits of feeling pretty good about my body far outweigh having to swap burgers for soup at lunchtime etc. Blogging hasn't changed how I feel about how I look, but I'm not sure I'd be posting photos of myself if I didn't feel pretty confident in my own skin. To be honest, I doubt there's any outfit blogger out there that has real problems with their body image.

2. Are you self-conscious about any aspect of yourself? If so, do you go out of your way to avoid it or do you post it/talk about it anyway?
Of course I'm self-conscious about bits of my body - my saddlebags and back fat are of particular note, as is my rippling cellulite and 'cankles'. I don't go out of my way to avoid them, but I don't want to bang on about them. They are there, they are part of who I am and I doubt they'll be going anywhere soon...

The dreaded cankles!

3. Based on how you are feeling now, what do you think the future holds in the evolution of your body image?
I'm looking forward to the future. I think I get more and more confident each year, although I'm sure there's a turning point out there when it all comes full circle and every year I find another wrinkle etc.

4. Do you photograph yourself for your blog? If so, how do you feel about the experience when you’re having your picture taken?
Awkward. That's how I feel. Like a bit of plum. Standing there pulling ridiculous shapes only to sift through the results thinking "Do I really look like that?" Usually my problem is with my 'glaikit' expression, rather than my body, pose or outfit. Somehow I always look vacant or
I have a huge cheesey grin on my face. I need to learn how to SMEYES!


Glaikit and back fat!

5. What would you want every person who struggles with body image to take to heart?

Get used to it! Is that a bit harsh?? We ALL struggle with body image and unless you have a medical condition (such as body dismorphia), I'm afraid that it's just part of life. I'm not going to say "just think of all the other things that are good about you" or something similar, because when you're standing in front of the mirror, frozen to the spot because you just can't see past that one, bad part of yourself, you can't concentrate on the positive. We've all been there. Instead, you need to find ways of coping with the crazy thoughts - starting with thinking about others. If you throw a strop and refuse to go to the party because your arse looks huge tonight, who else are you letting down? Who have you just put on a downer because you've thrown a flakey? Get used to your flaws, keep your 'problems' to yourself and move on.

I will now attempt to heed my own advice as I huff and puff around the flat pulling on a hundred different outfits, whinging that "I've got nothing to wear! I look shit in that!" while poor Mr G sits quietly on the couch trying to give advice that will not rock the fragile boat any further.

We're off out to a pal's birthday bash - let the huffing and puffing commence!

Oufit post this weekend - providing the back fat can be cunningly disguised!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Style Council

Erm..No, not that Style Council (Paul Weller gives me the heebie jeebies! - sorry Lou)

Last month I signed up to become a Style Councillor for The Shopping Forecast. It sounded like fun - choosing all my favourite picks for the season and watching people vote on which ones they like and which ones they don't - like an amateur version of trending, I guess.

So, I quickly uploaded the first 'big trend' for Spring 2011 that popped into my head:

Christopher Kane's Galaxy Prints

After filling in all the details etc about the gorgeous skater style dress, I got distracted at work and totally forgot all about it...

Until yesterday.

I got a lovely email from Matthew, who runs the site, telling me that my pick was really popular and would they be seeing any more picks from me? Oops! Always thought my forecasting skills were more atuned to weather predictions than fashion (I'm obsessed with the weather forecast - but more about that later)
So, I spent a little time yesterday and today hunting out some of my picks for the summer. If you fancy a wee swatch (little look), click the button on my right nav bar. If you likey what you see, please VOTE for me!!

Back to the weather...

It's mid-February, the shops are full of delightful summery outfits, I'm browsing the tinternet to seek out the best waterparks for my summer holibags and yet it's cold enough outside to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Cold and murky. In fact, today's weather can only be described as freezing Scotch Mist. This saddens me more than normal today because...

Apparently a storm is set to bring the Northern Lights to Britain tonight! If the sky clears, we could be in for a real treat. I am so excited! I could tick another thing off my bucket list if this were to actually happen.

If you're in the UK, keep your eyes peeled tonight - the whole sky might look like a Christopher Kane dress!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

V Day Din Dins!

After sloshing home in the heaviest rain we've seen this year, I was strictly instructed to "stay out of the kitchen! It's a surprise..."

After dumping my soggy umbrella in the bath and peeling off my drenched army jacket I hauled on my furry leopard print booties, wrapped my scarf around myself and grabbed the Domino's Menu (just in case!)

"It'll be 20 mins!"

Perfect - just in time for Masterchef New Zealand...

"Right, come and get it! There's too much to bring through!"

Staring me in the face was homemade Chicken Korma, Basmati rice, peshwari naan bread, salad, extra green chillis and cucumber raita!

"Don't touch it! I need to get my camera - or folk will never believe this!"

Nom, nom, nom! After I scoffed the lot, Mr G announced there was pudding - whoops... Had I eaten too much to manage New York cheesecake??

No chance! I'm a bottomless pit. Bring it on! This time, Eastenders was just about to start - sweet.

This is me and Lydia snuggled on the couch. Excuse the state of me. I'm trying to grow out my fringe, hence the crazy side sweep, and I'll blame the horrendous weather for the rest of it.

The rest of the evening was all about LA Ink catch up and Big Love before I retreated to bedfordshire, still smiling.

I reckon he'll regret doing so well. I'm going to expect this a lot more often from now on...

How was your V Day? Do anything nice? A couple of pals went to the zoo - that sounded perfect!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hopeless Romantic

Just a quickie before I head home for my Valentine's Dinner cooked by Mr G - nae pressure, huh?

Can't remember who this gal is, but I've always had a thing for her inkage. AND she's sporting mint green nails in this pic too.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday Ketchup

You know those incredibly fun, unexepected days out? Well, yesterday was one of those. Got up early doors and the sun was shining. I had my tattoo appointment booked for 3 o'clock out the west end of Glasgow so we decided to see if any folks were up for a wee Saturday afternoon bite to eat. Decided to skip breakfast and instead indulge on an Ultimate chicken burger, fries and onion rings in Ketchup, washed down with Coca-Cola from a real glass bottle - always tastes so much better!

I still had about an hour to kill before tat time, so we headed to another bar for a couple of cheeky mojitos. I was a good girl and chose to skip the alcohol at this juncture as it apparently thins the blood and makes for a nasty tattoo session - ick! After leaving the boys at 3pm, two cocktails down and counting, I knew where I'd find them after my appointment!
So, off I trotted down Byres Road to Irezumi. This is my first ever full colour tattoo and I was so ready for it! I took great delight choosing all the pretty shades of blue, green, yellow and orange that were to make up my peacock colour scheme. Two hours later and voila!

I was doing fine right up until the last 15 minutes when I actually had to ask to call it a day. First time I've had to ask to stop, but I could feel myself pulling away and gritting my teeth each time I heard the buzz start up again! I was facing the clock for the first time and I reckon that didn't help. I was also desperate to see it!! These photos are from this morning and I'm still amazed at the colour gradations - they really pop now that the redness has died down. What do you reckon? I think all the yellow highlights are my favourite.

After a quick wash down and cellophane wrap, I was tottering all the way back up Byres Road to rejoin the boys and another pal for birthday drinks (like we needed an excuse?) at Bobar. Knowing how long it can take to mix a cocktail, I rang Mr G ahead of my arrival to order up the first of my Flamin' Zombies! Check the tiki-style tumblers that they come in - complete with a flaming sugar cube floating in a hulled out passion fruit. Nom, nom, nom!

After sipping on an overly fruity Singapore Sling (which was listed as following the traditional recipe from Raffles Hotel - no it was not!) we had an important decision to make...

Head home like civilised human beings OR, head back into town for a gig...

Gig won out, surprise, surprise...

Not particularly my cup of tea - a bit 'wishy-washy' and certainly nothing to look at, but they sounded great and the choons were pleasantly melodic. Classic 'indie' music I would say.

I necked another couple of drinks, Jack and coke this time, and hung out at the back while Mr G shot off like a 5 year old at swing park - straight to the front. After almost TWO HOURS (!!??) the repetitive melodic 'niceness' was wearing me out. Adrenaline was shot to fuck and I hadn't eaten since the chicken burger earlier in the day. Happily gathered the troups afterwards and headed for the taxi rank.

Is that a 24 hour Greggs the Bakers I can smell? Hell yes! One cheese n onion pasty scoffed while waiting in the taxi queue, followed up by a cold macaroni pie after we got home. Yes folks, I'm a durty wee minger!

Greggs Macaroni Pie!

Few more drinky-poos in the flat before it was chucking out time for everybody else while I hit the sack. After muchos tossing and turning and fighting with a small cat that was determinded to sleep on my freshly tattooed back, I finally fell asleep after 4am. Hurrrrrumph...

Needless to say, today has been a write-off. Had big plans to get all dressed up, do an outfit post and head into town to catch up with ma gals, but alas, baggy jeans, PJ top, gallons of tea and Fox's Coconut Crinkles are my new bffs...

This is Lydia. This is how I feel today.

How has your weekend panned out?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Friend Friday - Colour Wars!

After reading lots of great responses to this week's Modly Chic Friend Friday questions, I've decided to take part. This week, the topic is COLOUR. No outfit post from me today as I've been giving guided tours of the ship all day in the rain and I'm a mess. But, if the sun shines in Glasgow again over the weekend I'll hunt out a nice bright outfit to wear!

Here goes...

1. What color dominates your closet? At the moment grey is the new black. I moved away from black and towards grey when I dyed my hair black about 9 years ago. I also moved in with Mr G and Lydia (white persian pussy cat!) and black became a nightmare! Purple and turquoise also feature, but very little red - not a big fan.

2. If money weren’t an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet? I don't think money has anything to do with my colour choices - it's not as though bright colourful clothes don't exist in Primark...

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors? As a rule, I generally try to incorporate at least 3 colours into every outfit. Just 2 colours (including black, grey and white here) kinda leave you looking a bit like a bumble bee - even if yellow isn't one of them! I'd love to go for 5 or 6 different colours, but you really gotta have skill to pull that off - like my pal Clatty Natty!

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits? ACCESSORIES! A great scarf with various colours in it always helps. But I'll happily throw on coloured tights as well. In fact, up until recently I never owned a pair of black boots -they were all either grey or coloured. And I definitely don't own a pair of plain black shoes. They've got to be gold or silver in the summer and I wear boots all winter.

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color into their wardrobe? Stella Rose from Confessions of a Female Drag Queen does colour to the max and not forgetting Sleekit who can always rock some lovely brights. For full on colour I'll always look to Japanese Street Style for inspiration. And Emma Bell or Betsey Johnson for colourful designers.

And The Winner Is...

Well done Julia, you have won everything that's in the photo below (except my leather couch - of course!) I will email you for your address.

Thank you to everyone that took part in my Birthday Giveaway. I love reading all your comments! And thank you once again to Tequila Star for donating the fabulous 3-layer bleeding label necklace x

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