Friday, 27 May 2011


UK graffiti artist HUSH opened a new show at New Image Art, LA this weekend, called TWIN. Love the detail in his work. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

She's Made of Hair and Bone and Little Teeth

You may remember the amazing model, Nafrayou, from my Pinkspiration post the other day. Well, the lovely lady got in touch with me to tell me about her jewellery line True Lies. This is what she has to say about it:

Because teeth are more precious than gold we must take care of them. All True Lies jewelery are handmade carefully with real human hair and teeth. Therefore each Tooth is different and unique.
I collect them from friends, and lovely people. They are all sterilized, well cleaned and varnished. 

True Lies is an unusual brand meant for unusual people. Met it deals with the conscience, the unconscious and the profound dark feelings with have towards life. An open door, facing truth and lies. Lies people believe to be true, dragging the emotions, the fears, we try to hide or deny.
True Lies is the art of Intus et in Cute.

Here's a wee video promo for you to enjoy.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Guy, Robin

Topshop leather jacket // Illustrated People bondage bambi t-shirt // H&M leggings // DMs with neon leopard print laces (gift from Spinal Lou) // bracelet a gift // bandana from Osiris // Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty necklace

Friday night, Glasgow Cathouse. Front row to see the mighty Tigertailz in action. Well, if truth be told, I was actually there to see their drummer, Mr Robin Guy, do his thang:

Been a Robin fan (dare I say 'groupie'?) for about 15 years. Saw him for the first time in the Cathouse in 1996 playing with Rachel Stamp and I was hooked. Friday night was no different. Insisted we follow him back to the merch stand and queued to get my bandana signed and photo taken (I'd brought a marker pen with me, but apparently it was shit). Can you imagine my delight when he said 'allo Lisa!' Robin knows my name!!!!! I could feel my 15 year old self explode with excitement! Is ok for a 30 year old to behave in this way? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is it made my freakin day and I came home with my signed bandana, used drumstick and a deaf right ear (stood next to the speakers and the 'tailz turned it up to 11!).

Thanks to Gill (my long standing partner in crime) for taking the photos of me and Robin and for the video x

Tell me your tales of hanging around after gigs for your favourite bands - would you still do it? Surely I'm not the only nutter out there??

Cathouse 1999

Edinburgh Venue 1999 - the night after the photo above

Cathouse, 30th April 2000 (guitarist Will's birthday - on the right)

Tigertailz, back in the day!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Some pinkspiration on a dull and dreary day. Model Nafrayou. Dress in top photo (and possibly the one below it?) by Lisa Shahno. I thought pink was banished from my wardrobe forever when I went ginger, but now it's much brighter I reckon I could get away with some shades - clashorama!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Zaha Hadid, Indeed

Welcome to Riverside. This is my new place of work - my office window is the wee grey square to the far right of the building. This is Glasgow's new museum of transport, designed by internationally renown architect, Zaha Hadid. Her work integrates the built environment with the natural typography of the land on which it's built. The shape of the Riverside Museum itself reflects the natural waves and currents of the River Clyde. The South Entrance (in the photo above) literally reflects the water, creating a kind of synergy. I adore the building, but, as with all new things, it has been met with all sorts of criticism - it's a blot on the landscape, another giant cowshed etc.

The best part of Hadid's design, is what she herself refers to as "the jewel in the crown": The Tall Ship, Glenlee - who I actually work for. The 19th century ship looks stunning against such a modern, futuristic backdrop. I love the clash, the awkwardness and, above all, the surprise as you walk through the building, round the corner and then baaam! there she is, taking up the whole expanse of the glass wall.

Photos by Tom Finnie

I've made all this sound rather idylic. Which it will be - once I meet all my crazy deadlines! In the meantime, I apologise for the lack of quality/quantity of posts. Once I get home I'm knackered and can't face looking at a computer screen any longer.

Here's a wee pic of me a few weeks ago, just after we moved in, happy and relaxed, before the weather took a turn for the worse and my workload began cascading out of control.

In good company - some more masterpieces by Hadid.

Zaha Hadid: MAXXI: Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome

Zaha Hadid: Burnham Pavilion

Zaha Hadid: Neil Barrett Flagship Store, Tokyo

Zaha Hadid: Nordpark Railway Stations, Innsbruck, Austria

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Monday, 16 May 2011


My roots were in bad need of attention so I popped into Sally Hair Services on Saturday afternoon and picked up some L'Oreal Majicontrast in Pure Copper. This range came highly recommended by a pal with fantastic red hair, so I figured I couldn't really go wrong with their 'orangey' shade.

There's no need to pre-lighten your hair as you simply mix the colour with some peroxide. I opted for the mildest strength (6%) as my natural hair colour is quite fair (I think).

Smooshed it all together and it went a really promising shade of orange! Slapped it on, roots first and then just rubbed it all the way through the rest. Kept it on for the recommended 35 minutes and rinsed.

Voila! Freakin' brilliant ORANGE hair!! This is the colour I've been craving and I'm over the moon. Majicontrast is a dream to use - I couldn't recommend it enough! It comes in varying shades of red, something for everyone. And, because it's for use in salons, you can add different toners etc to get your perfect shade.

A wee close up closing shot ;)

Hotel Haiku

Written and curated by Garri Rayner, Hotel Haiku is a collection of the world's most interesting hotels and notels where the only description for each one is expressed as a haiku:

Nocturnal hipsters
Fornicate in Manhattan
Gotham after dark

The Night, New York

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Brutal Beauty

Yesterday I endured the final touches to Mr Peacock's plumage. This bad boy started life as simple black outline back in December. Now, 5 months later and after a total of 8 + 1/2 hours under the needle, here he is, in all his glory! He was a 30th birthday pressie from friends and family and I love him to pieces, so thank you to all of you - you know who you are!

Yesterday was the most brutal session - 3 + 1/2 hours filling in all the colour on my ribcage and the flowers next to my armpit and spine - OUCH!! Yes, it was painful - why do people always ask this questions? More specifically though, the bits closest to my waist and my spine were by far the worst. They were 'shout loud sweary words' painful and 'hope you don't knee the tattooist in the face' painful. On a par with my feet. My adrenaline was shot to fuck afterwards, so much so that when I went to pay, my PIN went straight oot ma heed. After feeling like a total fud I had to leave without paying. Epic FAIL. However, after tottering down to the cash machine on a rush of endorphins, it popped right back in and I was able to settle up before heading home to a giant Subway sandwich, 2 Anadin Extra and back to back episodes of ER season 1. Sweet. To top it all off, Mr G arrived home from work with a BOX full of delicious cupcakes - I had to get my sugar levels back up ;)

All the pain and glory was down to Mr Steven Wrigley, son of Terry Wrigley, at his Irezumi studio in Partick, Glasgow. Cheers Steven!

Today kicks off with a wee trip to the cinema to see Thor - I'm only going for the sweeties - and then an attempt to track down some decent hair-dye - even my 70 year old boss at work commented on my roots the other day! Then, after a few more Anadin, it's off to see some sleazy rock n roll courtesy of the Tragic City Thieves - bring it on!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

Things What I LOVE...
  1. My love of Xoil Loic's artwork is well documented, however, I couldn't resist posting this new piece. It popped up on the Needles Side Tattoo Facebook page on Tuesday, a mere 3 days before I go back under the needle to have my peacock design finished (Friday the 13th!). My peacock was a gift from all friends and family for my 30th birthday. We celebrated my 30th with a masked ball. This tattoo sums me up quite nicely. If anyone in the UK fancies a one of kind Xoil tattoo, he's in the UK in August and still taking bookings. Visit his facebook to make an appointment. Wish it was me, but I'm running out of space and cash... Next time Xoil, next time!
  2. Mr G and I watch a lot of telly - A LOT. Top of the pops at the moment is Game of Thrones. It's a kinda middle ages/fantasy drama - all kings and swords and rampant love making. What more do you want from a show? I kinda like to know what's going on and GoT is one of those shows where I pester the hell out of Mr G every 5 minutes asking 'what's going on?', 'who's he??' I just can't keep up. To help me along the way (and stop my hellishly frustrating questions) Mr G sent me this helpful wee link to character descriptions. That's my lunch breaks sorted for the next month! What's your favourite shows just now?
  3. I've got four stonkingly good gigs lined up over the next few months: two durty, sleazy, glam metal nights before the end of May: homegrown superstars Tragic City Thieves and the mighty Tigertailz. Then July kicks off with full throttle industrial nonsense, Combichrist, before culminating in an an evening with goth royalty, The Sisters of Mercy. Every time I lift my arms a sneaky wee devil sign escapes...
  4. Cos my work's been really stressful lately, and because I'm basically a lazy, greedy cow, I've been munching my way through bags loads of 'pre grated' cheddar - yup - that's right - cheese with all the hard work done for you! Simply unzip the bag and sprinkle/pour directly onto your beans on toast. A quick splash of tobasco and there you have it - a hearty meal in (literally) 2 minutes. If this doesn't satiate you, next step reach for the tub of 'Cream O' Galloway' Caramel Shortbread ice-cream. Now, I'm actually not a very big ice-cream fan, BUT, this little pot of gold is simply divine - so utterly over indulgent and naughty! And I've just discovered that they have a visitor centre!! Mental...

All the little things...
Twitter - little bit obsessed, but still enjoying it - follow me to get nonsense ramblings about all of the above and numerous photos of my cats // Hapify - savour the things that make you feel good // Metcheck - best online weather forecast that helps keep my weather obsession under control - it tells you exactly what percentage of cloud coverage you can expect at any time of the day - YAASSSS! // stealing Mr G's pizza crusts - they don't count as calories cos they're not on my plate

Things What I LOATHE...

DEADLINES - stress city // my serious lack of motivation to get fit - throwing cash away on a gym membership I've hardly used since February. Need to book a holiday - that'll help // scrubbing black mould off the walls at work // my addiction to Eastenders. It's shit, and yet night after night I can't seem to pull myself away...
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