Wednesday, 30 June 2010

We Are Scientists

Went to the Glasgow Science Centre yesterday for 'work'. This is me standing in front of a heat sensor!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Love Cats

The girlies arriving at the ceremony venue


The bride's stunning Louboutins

Getting stuck in to the cider at the after-party - it's now about 2am...

Hanging with the band like a bunch of teenage groupies

Div allowing Mrs Davies a thrash about on his kit

It's Monday morning and I'm still recovering from Spinal Lou's wedding of the year on Friday! The day kicks off with rolls n tattie scones all round for the girlies. Miss Sian lines us all up and begins to apply the warpaint. One by one we slip (erm squeeze...) into our dresses with just enough time to help the bride into hers. We nearly smother her as a towel is wrapped round her face to protect the gorgeous ivory satin dress from the slap. After some wriggling, the zip slides into place and it's into the car.

The ceremony runs without a hitch, well, there was one hitch! And after a wee greet on my behalf, Mr and Mrs Davies emerge on the steps for some photos.

On to the Reception Venue, Hotel Number 10. Here ensued much drinking, dancing, eating, and many an outfit change as well! As the clock struck midnight a stream of taxis showed up outside to ferry anyone mad or drunk enough on to the after party.

Mad? Drunk? Hell yeah! Memories of this part of the night are a little fuzzy. Can remember warm cans of cider, one toilet between 40, silly dancing and a set by my NEW FAVOURITE BAND - Tragic City Thieves!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Davies. You ROCK!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

We're All Mad Here

This afternoon the girlies headed into town for Champagne Afternoon Tea to celebrate Lou's last day as a footloose and fancy free filly. Glass of bubbly, fresh strawberries, pot of tea, brown bread sandwiches with the crusts cut off and a delectable selection of fresh cream cakes - perfect!

Miss Yvonne and the blushing bride-to-be

Getting tore in. Check the freshly painted nails - a wee clue as to tomorrow's outfit ;-)

A wee surprise that made me well-up a bit. Personalised pressies for the girlies from Lou. Tissues at the ready for the big day tomorrow!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Nice Day For A White Wedding

Getting in the mood for Lou's big day on Friday. Here's a sneaky preview of Ziad Ghanem's wedding collection. The master has done it again.

The Sun Has Got Its Hat On

The weather in Glasgow has been truly tropical of late. So, I've decided to start walking into the city centre along the River Clyde after work each night. A few years ago this would have required proper walking shoes to traverse the uneven 'pathway' and protect your feet from literally hundreds of broken Buckfast bottles, eyes on the back of your head in case some random ned* sprung out from the bushes and an ability to 'look the other way' as much of the area along the Clyde was frequented by hookers and doggers!
Since the BBC and Scottish Television moved their premises down to the river a few years back, there's been a marked improvement. New bridges link the north and south and the cycle path is absolutely buzzing. I took these photos on my way home on Friday evening. I felt like a tourist in a European city. A far cry from stepping over god knows what whilst scurrying past the rustling in the bushes!
If you're local, I highly recommend a pleasant evening stroll along the River Clyde.

*slang for Non-Educated Delinquent

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I've been desperate to get my grubby mitts on a pair of old school Docs for months but have never really had the excuse to buy ANOTHER pair of boots. Well, I've bit bullet and just ordered myself a pair of 'worn around the house' 14 hole DMs. Toyed with hanging off a few months (closer to the winter and therefore justifiable) for a pair of skinhead 20 holes, but Mr G looked horrified and for the first time ever, actually said "erm... I don't really like them". So, I snapped up the shorter pair on Ebay 5 minutes ago.
They're gonna look stomping teamed with my bridesmaid dress for the after party on 25th June! I can hear the shrieks already, but trust me, it'll work. In a kind of riot grrrl/trailer trash kinda way!
These new ones will be the sixth pair I've owned since my first ones that i got for my 13th birthday. Now I'll just have to put up with a whole summer of gouged, bleeding ankles as I break them in. Why does this always happen??

For more Doc lust check out Fuck Yeah Dr Martens Kick Butt

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Driller Killer

I've toyed with the idea of DIY on and off for years. But, truth be told, A) I'm too lazy and B) not really creative enough. Slice a few sleeves off a tshirt I can manage, but to really deconstruct one garment and transform into something even better? No chance. It still looks like it did when I attempted the same thing with Barbie's clothes when I was 5.
Here's a nice wee clip of Gemma Slack butchering a pair Doc Martens and transforming them into kick-ass stomping boots from the future. Best left to the professionals methinks.

A Moment On The Lips

As most of you will know, I spent last weekend at a glorious wedding in the Cotswolds. Which loosely translates as a three day excuse to gorge myself with goodies: sweeties for the journey down; ham, egg and chips with a mountain of mayonaise for dinner; pint (s) of local cider; Full English for breakfast (you never know when you might get fed at a wedding, you could be waiting around until like, 4 o'clock, so better stock up); champagne, canapes, champagne, cider, home-brewed ale, canapes; pie, veg, wine, cheesecake, wine, fudge, florentines, gin, hot chocolate; Full English to sort out the hangover; 'nibbles' with the relatives, pink fizz, wine; lasagne, garlic bread, cider; Full English for the journey home. Eek!

Now, I also have another wedding in less that two weeks. A very special wedding. And I'm bridesmaid. With a very special dress to fit into...
So, I'm back on the Diet Coke/rabbit food rations for the next 9 days, or 216 hours, to be precise. Do not speak to me. Do not look at me. And whatever you do, DO NOT wave anything delicious in front of me. I have been torturing myself with Pretty Foods for days.

Friday, 11 June 2010

I Wanna Be Your Doll

I'm not a huge fan of dolls. In fact, I usually find them quite terrifying, but Andrew Yang's Kouklitas are beautiful examples of craftmanship. Standing at 27", each one is custom made for the buyer. A complete work of collaboration.
Andrew, if you're reading this and feeling overly generous, I'd like a Ziad Ghanem one please.

Gareth Pugh

Ann Demeulemeester

Commes des Garcons

Thanks to Elements Magazine for introducing me to Andrew Yang.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Put The Boot In

The Rollerstop.
Doorstop. Bookend. Roller Derby Trophy.

Wonka Eat Your Heart Out

Anglo Bubbly // jelly rings // strawberry milkshakes // foam teeth // fizzy bubblegum bottles

When a girl is asked:

"Could you help me put 10 000 gummy sweeties into individual pink candy stripe bags?"

She cannae say NO.
Tuesday night was spent gabbing with the girlies sitting round Spinal Lou's kitchen table with a conveyer belt of swedgers* infront of us. One hundred and twenty wedding favours complete. One trip to the dentist on it's way.

*Scottish slang for sweeties

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wangtastic Wedding

I've been a lazy blogger this past week as I'm just back from a family wedding in the Cotswolds. It was the hottest day of the year so far. Sun was shining, flowers blooming and the bride? Just radient. The event kicked off with us rellies being picked up in a beautiful vintage bus and driven through the English countryside. The ceremony was conducted by the local vicar who also happened to be the groom's father. After the deed was done, we all trotted en masse along to the grounds of the vicarage where we were greeted with glasses of sparkling kir royale and delicious canapes (which included the best wee baked spuds you've ever tasted!)
Dinner and dancing took place inside a beautifully decked out marquee in the garden and the evening ended with a bang - fireworks and paper lanterns. Congratualtions Mr & Mrs Earley and thanks for a great weekend x

Frolicking with the local wildlife

Working the Wangs - Me and Mr G posing

Fake Alexander Wang sunnies // French Connection dress // H&M leopard print tights // KG shoe boots

Mr G looking fabulous

The blushing bride and dashing groom - geeza kiss!

Mr G attempting to send off a lantern whist avoiding setting his hair on fire
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