Sunday, 31 July 2011

On The Hunt For Those Elusive Shades

I NEED these Topshop Unique sunglasses in my life. More specifically, I need them in my suitcase for Tenerife on 19th August. If any of you fabulous fashionistas out there can hit me up with a pair (gold or silver) or even point me in the right direction, I'll be in your debt foreva!

She Was Born To Be My Unicorn

Trust Bernard to bring a little sunshine (and a unicorn) into our wardrobes. Now who'd like to bring a little spending money into my purse? I suppose, if I was quite handy with the old sewing machine I could transform a few packs of Ikea striped tea towels into the dress at the top?

Friday, 29 July 2011

Pouting Pansies

The girlies and I went on a little day trip on Tuesday. All the way to sunny BARRHEAD. For those of you not familiar with the west of Scotland, Barrhead is not known for its picturesque landscape or friendly locals... However, we weren't there to take in the sights. Instead, we were off  for a day of sticky buns and mutual tattooing at Minerva.

Way back in May 'Auntie' Angela and I promised Spinal Lou we'd get her a new tattoo for her birthday treat. But how could we make it that wee bit extra special?? Join in of course!

So, all three of us packed a picnic and hopped on the train. Iced buns and two bags of Percy Pigs - essential for keeping our sugar levels up - wouldn't want anyone fainting, now would we?

We'd already settled on the idea of getting daft 'matching' tats - the singing pansies from Alice in Wonderland. I've been obsessed with these pansies for years so getting them as a tattoo was inevitable.

All the pretty colours!

Getting set up

Lou going for the more traditional Wonderland pansies to tie in with her amazing Alice tat

That's Auntie Ang on the left, Lou in the middle and me, with the orange hair, on the right!

I'm up next. Took me months to decide where to put them. I opted for my ankle so that they tied in with my swallows that Kaye did a few years ago

That's Angela on the left in a glorious shade of her favourite colour and Lou sporting her trademark pout

Auntie Ang waited patiently all day and plumped for her right ankle - mirroring my left ;-)

That's me on the left flashing my trademark eyeliner and mascara and Lou on the right, mwah!

Auntie Ang and me (we're birthday twins too!)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Emergence Of The Butterfly

So, have all you UK peeps been enjoying our wee 'heatwave'? How many of you headed off to the beach over the weekend?

No beach for me I'm afraid. Instead, Mr G and I packed our swim togs and headed off to the Blythswood Spa for some luxurious pampering. I was fortunate to pop my spa cherry back in November (a surprise birthday pressie from Mr G) so I had quite high expectations for Glasgow's first 5 star hotel...

The pool in the Thermal Experience

After 2 hours lolling about in the Thermal Experience (bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!) we dried ourselves off and flip-flopped upstairs to the treatment waiting room. David had booked in for a facial and was whisked off. I, on the other hand, had gone for something a little more obscure, The Rassoul Experience:

"Cleanse your body and soothe your mind in our state of the art Rhassoul by combining the benefits of mud and steam. Begin by using the exfoliating husks of nutrient packed argan seeds and Himalayan salts to gently remove dead skin cells. After the application of traditional Moroccan mud over your entire body, sit back and relax. After 20 minutes the steam chamber will release a flow of warm water onto its ceramic seats, softening the mud as well as coaxing toxins to leave the body. The powerful healing qualities of the mud will leave your skin silky smooth. The perfect experience to share with a friend, leaving your skin nourished and your mind refreshed."

So, I'm conjuring up visions of being slathered in mud, wrapped up like a mummy and placed in a steam tomb with just me wee head sticking out...


I was led back down to a wee room just off the corridor in the Thermal Experience and asked to take seat in what looked suspiciously like a gas chamber. Next, I was instructed to de-robe and cover myself in the 2 tubs of organic white mud.

"Now?" I ask as I drop my robe to the ground and begin to faff around with my bikini ties.

"Erm... not just yet. You can wait until I leave. I'm just going to explain how the experience works"

Clearly I'd gotten the wrong end of the stick. No one was going to lather me up and wrap me in bandages. This experience was of the DIY nature.

"You'll have 10 minutes to apply your mud, meanwhile the room will warm up. It'll be a dry heat and the mud will begin to harden. Next, steam will enter the chamber from your right and the lights will change colour for another 10 minutes. After the steam, the room will fill with an aromatic mist and finally, the shower will come on so you can rinse off. I've also prepared a scrub for you to use at this time. The shower will remain on for 6 minutes. If you don't get alll the mud off, you can use this hose."

And off she trotted...

So, I'm locked inside my Rassoul chamber, all on my lonesome, manically rubbing mud all over my n'ked body before my 10 minutes are up and the steam comes on. I turn white and slowly but surely my skin tightens and i begin to resemble an elephant. Good stuff, it must be working. It gets hot. Hmmm... not sure I like this. Oh! that'll be the steam coming in. This is even more un-nerving. It pours in at chest height and slowly begins to fill the chamber. Now it's really claustrophobic. *It's only 10 minutes Lisa. Relax and enjoy the 'experience'.* Just as I'm getting into it, the aromatic mist sprays out from god knows where! It's mighty pungent and takes my breath away before my eyes start watering *gasps*. This only lasts a few seconds before I start again. *Relax Lisa, enjoy the 'experience'.* WFT??!! That'll be the shower then? Cold water batters down from above. Right, gotta get this mud off - only got 6 minutes. Start scrubbing, rinsing, scrubbing, rinsing. Clean. Ready to go. But shower's still going. Six minutes is longer than you think...

I eventually emerge, like a butterfly - all silky smooth, but knackered from the traumatic transformation. I just don't think I'm cut out for this pampering malarkey.

Overall, the Rassoul Experience was fantastic for my skin and the staff at the Spa were wonderful. I just wasn't prepared for the DIY nature of the task...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

I Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog

Jacket from Mango // Jumpsuit from Warehouse // necklace a gift // bracelet vintage // introducing the top knot avec fringe = new everyday 'do

Mummy's baby, Mildred Pierce

Rocking horse Westwood for Melissa making an appearance

Friday night with Mr G. Steak, chips, onion rings, mojitos and late night dancing games. Saturday duvet day watching bad movies and eating pizza. Today lazy morning, lunch and then off to the Spa at Blythswood Hotel for evening pampering session. C'est la vie!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Plastique No. 5

Nothing like a bit of skin-tight shiny wet-look latex to get you in the mood for the weekend ;-)
These little numbers are by Joy Williams Design, Brighton, England. I NEED the padded jacket in my life. It would complete me. Thanks to Clatty Natty for sending me the link.

What's everyone up to this weekend? Mr G and I are gearing up for a weekend of self indulgence starting tonight with posh steak and chips followed by cocktails, continuing tomorrow with an all important duvet day and concluding on Sunday with a day at Blythswood Spa. Finally cashing in my vouchers from our fantastic Bloggers Day Out way back in April. Thanks to Claire for reminding me that they expire at the end of July!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open Up and Say... Ahh!

Been listening to lots of this:

Faster Pussycat


Which has put me in the mood for one of these:


Sadly I don't have enough of this £££.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Consequences of Body Modification

I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday just catching up on all the posts on my Google Reader. One post that resonated with me was Pearl's discussion about Body Modification in the workplace. I started to write a comment, but then quickly realised I had quite a lot to say on the matter and that alot of you, my lovely readers, have 'modified your bodies' with hair dye, piercings and tattoos, so I thought I'd try and write it all down here. I don't normally get into such wordy posts, but this is a topic I feel I can comment on at length.

I started dying my hair with Wella Colour Mousses when I was 12 years old, much to the dismay of my mother. I came from a Catholic background and I suppose any form of messing around with your god given body was a big no-no. So why did I want to change my 'lovely long blonde hair'? Simple answer, I thought it was cool. Philosophically? I suppose this was the beginning of me trying become 'me'. I hated the fact that when I took off my eyeliner and my clothes, I just looked like everyone else. I wanted to change ME, my body, permanently. There was no way my mum was gonna let that happen. I left home at 17 and within a year I had about 8 piercings, pink hair and best of all, a tattoo. I was a student and like most folk that age, thought I was indestructible and that even with my crazy appearance, I should be able to work wherever I pleased. Through sheer arrogance and persistence, I 'stuck it to the man' and blagged a job in House of Fraser keeping my piercing and pink hair intact.

Now, at the ripe old age of 30, I’m not stupid or arrogant enough to think that I can parade around my professional place of work displaying all my tattoos without attracting some form of attention – positive or negative. Six years ago I spoke with my then manager about my decision to get my first major tattoo (half sleeve) and asked whether or not this would cause problems for me at work. This is not to say that if she said “it is forbidden” I wouldn’t still go ahead, but at least I was fully informed as to the consequences of my actions. As it turns out, she simply asked if I would be willing to keep it covered up in certain circumstances. I thought this was a very acceptable compromise. Since then, I’ve continued to get some pretty large and visible tattoos (forearm, chest, feet), further transforming my body into ME. The company has gone through many more managers. Not one of them has ever brought up the subject of my tattoos. Maybe this is because they assume I've been given 'permission' to display them in the past and don't want to rock the boat, or maybe it's because my tattoos make me look aggressive and intimidating and they are simply too scared to confront me??!! At the end of the day, unless I'm sitting at my desk, most of my working day is spent face to face with school kids, families or stuffy old Trustees. I don't want to be judged by these people on my appearance. My ability to conduct myself in a professional manner is far more important. Therefore, 90% of the time I choose to cover my tattoos. Outside of work, I do like to be judged on my appearance (and I dare say every blogger who posts outfit photos does too - whether they admit it or not). In my own time I take great pride showing off my tats, my dyed hair and all sorts of ridiculous unpractical outfits. There is a time and a place for everything.

my chestpiece - All is Vanity

All forms of body modification are a choice made by the individual. Each individual should consider all the consequences of their actions before making any changes to their body - permanent or not. People tow the line when they 'dress up' for a wedding. It may not be your style, but you make the effort. Same if you attend a funeral. It's all about respect for yourself,  respect for those around you and respect for the situation you are in.

Does altering my appearance change my ability to work? I've given this quite a lot of thought. And I my answer is YES. On the rare occassion I'm caught out at work with all my tattoos on display infront of a visitor, I begin to feel very uncomfortable and exposed. I instantly think that they are judging me and as a result I can't concentrate on doing my job effectively. In contrast, on the (equally rare) days I make the effort to dress in business attire, I feel super confident.

This is my personal expereience and I do not necessarily think this applies to everyone in the same way.

What are your thoughts on Body Modification in the workplace? BM in general? Elf ears anyone? How about tongue splitting? Subdermal implants?  Tightlacing?

On a much lighter note, Pearl mentioned that she has been watching endless repeats of Miami/LA/London Ink. Not sure about everyone else, but I'm sick of hearing about 'memorial tattoos' and ridiculous, lengthy, 'heart wrenching' reasons for nameless people getting tattooed. What about art for art's sake? I want to know about the artist behind the tattoo, not the receiver. If you feel the same, tune in to Vice TV for new show, Tattoo Age. Each episode is introduced by an artist who then talks to other artists about their work and their infuences etc. They also explore different cities each week and take you on a tour of some of the cool hangouts. In episode one, Markus Kuhn introduces us to Virginia Elwood and Thomas Hooper are they explore a New York art gallery for inspiration. Watch it!

The Gypsy Gentleman - Episode 01: New York City from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Neon Nails

Spotted these over on Sparkly Vodka yesterday. I'm so bored with all my polishes at the moment and everything in the shops just looks the same. I don't even bother to think about what I put on anymore. Just reach for whatever bottle is closest. But I'm all over these neon brights from American Apparel. Perfect for my upcoming holi-bags! Did I mention that we've booked a week in the sun?? 19th August. Should be suitably HOT HOT HOT. First ever package holiday and I can't wait. Los Christianos, Tenerife. Apparently there's a piano bar, chocolate fountain, boat rides to see dolphins, Monkey Park, segways, camel rides and... a water park!! A good water park will complete any holiday!

Me at a water park in Andalucia 3 years ago - it's been too long!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Knot Bad?

Topshop top // Silence + Noise leggings // Claire's Accessories earrings // Primark brogues // cheap sunglasses from god knows where

So this is my first attempt at the top knot. It's ok, but could do with being a little higher on my head. My hair's still too short for it  - had no choice but to use a few kirbies which kinda ruins it. Not to mention my roots. Will definitely give it another bash straight after dying in a few weeks time. Should be nice and bright and a smidge longer.

We had planned to go see Bridesmaids this afternoon at the pictures, but somehow managed to screw up our booking and by the time we got there the half 2 showing was full. FAIL. So, instead of gorging on a giant hot dog and pick n mix in the dark, Mr G treated me to a wee bit lunch at Cafe Rouge on Royal Exchange Square. While it appears most of the UK was experiencing tropical rainstorms, Glasgow was bathing in glorious sunshine - HA! This never happens! Needless to say, I insisted we sit outside and get a wee photo.

I hate my bumpy, wrinkled, Klingon forehead. Maybe I should stick to the fringe?

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