Friday, 31 December 2010

2011? Bring It On!

Are we all ready to say cheerio to 2010 and bring in the next decade? It's 6pm just now, so I've got about 3 hours to write this post, phone a few family members, paint my nails and choose an outfit for tonight's party - cannae wait! But before I begin applying the slap, back-combing the mop, sprinkling glitter all over the flat, and glugging back the pink fizz, I thought I'd share a few of my 'best bits' from the past year.

Looking back, 2010 was a big fluffy mixture of special birthdays, weddings, parties and best of all, blogging! Baroque Boudoir will be 1 year old in January and interacting with all you lovely people out there has definitely been one of the best things I've done this year. I love reading all your stories, looking at all your great photos and just generally having a bit of a natter with like-minded folks. So, thank you - all of you - for such a great year!

This is me with my new iPhone back in January 2010. I'm in the toilets at work 'practicing' trying to take an outfit post. I quickly realised that I was never gonna be able to do this on my own, so, since then, I've enlisted the help of my better half, Mr G. Thanks honey for putting up with all my photo demands and my temper tantrums when I don't like what I see - I promise to try and learn how to take shots myself next year x

A dreadful photo of me, but what a fantastic night we had - this was from Miss Lou's hen night in May. An all star girlie night dancing to rock choons and eating noodles - sweet!

June was mental. This is from Wedding Number 1, Nicci and Chas, in the Cotswolds. Beautiful, simply beautiful. The food was the best EVER!

Two weeks later, I was lucky enough to be bridesmaid at the wedding of the decade, Miss Lou and her beau tied the knot on 25th June in true rock n roll style! (We even got to meet the band afterwards!!)

Here's a sneaky wee pic of me and Mr G on our way to Wedding Number 3 in July, my oldest friend's big sister got hitched and kindly invited us along.

October saw the launch of the best club this century - Hot Mess, hosted by DJ Simonotron.

In November, Mr G surprised me, and perhaps even himself, with an early birthday treat - a weekend of pampering and indulgence at the prestigious Cameron House on Loch Lomond. I wish he'd got a picture of my face when he announced that we weren't actually spending the weekend with his parents in Rothesay. It went from a confused frown, to surprised to shock, to tears of delight. Even after 9 years together, he still managed to pull something very special out the bag for my 30th x

Deary me... Back at Hot Mess earlier this month celebrating my birthday - again!! May the madness continue well into the next decade!

I was going to write up a list of all my New Year's resolutions, but when I started to think about it, I don't really have any resolutions to make. Instead, here are my hopes and ambitions for 2011:
  • Save up to buy a laptop - so I can blog even more!
  • Lose the black - I want to gradually lighten my hair and go ORANGE!
  • Get my ears pierced. Although they've been pierced before, they closed up over 10 years ago and I'm a little squeamish about having them done again, but I want to wear pretty earrings, so this year I'm gonna brave it and get them done.
  • Visit the dentist on a regular basis. Another fear I must conquer!
  • Move house. This has been on the cards for years, but with getting married and then the housing crash, it's never really happened. But we want to have Christmas dinner in our own house next year and have room to cook it and invite people round.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Beautiful Bargains

There were a few wee gems to be picked up at the sales on Tuesday. I had prepared a list and a route to keep me on track and not distracted. It worked for the most part and here's a sneak preview of a few of my finds.

First up, a beautiful Sara Berman patent leather bag - with ORANGE lining! You know how much I love orange. I had four different bags slung over my arm (including a Zandra Rhodes) as I tried to find a quiet corner to have a good rifle through them to see which one suited best. Although not the cheapest, or strictly in the sale, the Ms Berman won hands down. It's got a really good weight to it and it's the perfect size. Big enough to carry a brolly, wallet, phone and make-up, but not so big that I lug around a ton of assorted other shit. I am notorious for carrying a huge bag and shoving all sorts of crap in it every day - bad for my posture! The Berman was also the obvious choice to play host to Lex, my new Alexander McQueen skull keyring - just one of my truly fantastic pressies from Mr G.

Here you can see Lex hanging out on my new bag accompanied by my Tatty Devine cat bangle that was a birthday gift from my wee brother and his girlfriend - good taste!

old black polo neck // River Island scarf // Topshop leather jacket // new Topshop grey cardigan // blue tights // new black wedges from TK Maxx // Me & Zena necklace that was won in a blog giveaway

In this photo I'm wearing a new grey cardigan that I snapped up in Topshop for a mere £7. Sticking to my 'only buy if you liked it full price' motto, this felt like a great bargain - down from £35. The 'Maternity' label stitched to the inside may have something to do with the generous reduction, but hey, I'm not fussy - it's on the inside! Also in shot are the new black 'suedette' wedges I picked up in TK Maxx with the bag. I have to confess that they were not in the sale either, but isn't TK Maxx just a perpetual sale? Anyhoo, I'd had my eye on these for a while and at 30 squid, I think I got a fair deal.
Apologies for not posting a better photo of the cardigan. We took loads and in every one I look like a gormless giant smurf - not good. This was the best of the bunch - eek!

A leopard print bodysuit, black pencil skirt and *fantabulous* electric blue stilletto ankle boots completed the swag. I will save these for another day.

That's all for now my lovelies! What are you all planning for New Year's Eve?? I want to hear all your plans!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Clash Of The Titans

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you. We spent the 25th in the 'shire with my folks where we ate, drank, watched crap telly, ate and drank and then ate and drank some more! On Boxing Day morning we got a text from the girl who lives in the flat below us:

"Hope you're not too far away - the outside waste pipe has frozen and there's s**te spewing back up the toilet all over my bathroom"


An hour later we were in the close, sniffing as we went up the stairs. Couldn't detect any whiffs and luckily, as we bravely opened our front door and peered into the bathroom, all was well. We had been saved! A few hours of pouring boiling water over the pipe and a gradual thaw outside seemed to resolve the problem. Feel bad for the girl downstairs, but overall, just relieved!

Yesterday we ventured out east to visit the in-laws and niece and nephew. As we attempted to board a train for Linlithgow, an announcement came over the tannoy to tell us to "halt!" - the train was cancelled... and there wouldn't be another one for 30 minutes.... Hmmm... what does one do with oneself with a spare half hour to waste in the city centre? You guessed it - I left a rather poorly Mr G sitting in Queen Street station with all the bags of presents while I trotted off to Urban Outfitters. Twenty minutes later and I was back with grin on my face, a glow on my cheeks and a big bag in my hand. I had managed to scoop up the number one cardigan on my list - score!

Today was my first official day at the sales and this is what I wore. I'll reveal all my bargains and AMAZING Christmas pressies over the next few days.

Leather jacket from Topshop // Motley Crue tshirt // new Urban Outfitters cardigan // H&M leopard print leggings // peacock feather was a gift from Spinal Lou x

Friday, 24 December 2010

Have A Motley Christmas!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and Santa's good to you. I'm going home to the 'shire to spend it with my family but will be back up in Glasgow to hit the shops ASAP! In fact, a little birdy told me that the Topshop sale starts TODAY! Get in there girlies!

Here's a wee festive choon that'll warm your cockles xxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ghosts Of Christmas

I'm getting into the 'spirit' of things tonight at The Arches 'Ghosts of Christmas'. I've got tickets for me, Mr G, my brother and his girlfriend as a special wee treat for us all.

It seemed like a great idea a few weeks ago when I spotted it on Attention 2 Detail's blog. My brother is a huge horror fan and runs Glasgore, a monthly Cult and Horror film discussion group at the Glasgow Film Theatre. I thought to myself, "that would make a great wee extra pressie - I'll grab us a few tickets and we can go for some dinner afterwards."

Now that the 'show' draws closer and I'm looking out the window as the fog and darkness once again descends over the River Clyde, I'm beginning to regret my 'eureka' moment.

You see, although I have a passion for all things dark, gothic and twisted, at heart, I'm a big 'fearty' - totally scared witless at even the mere mention of watching a horror film. I needed a cushion to watch 'The Others'...

What on earth have I got myself into??

I have recollections of mum and I screaming and crying the whole way around Frankenstein's House at the Exhibition Centre Carnival about 20 years ago. Tonight's show is for adults only. I hope I make it to Christmas...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Glasgow is currently cowering under a blanket of freezing fog and Jack Frost is not only nipping at your nose, he's bitten it clean off and spat it back on your snow covered boots.

Sitting, perishing in my office, I was reminded of Samantha Cole's AW2010 collection, A New Dawn. I've been a huge fan since I saw her work appear on Britain's Next Top Model, Season 6.

Might need to add a woolly jumper and a few pairs of tights to this look to survive into next week.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sale Spotting

It's no surprise that I'm gagging to get to the sales. My first port of call is always Urban Outfitters. Generally speaking, I would never pay full price for anything from there, but I do like a good bargain and without fail, I have managed to pick up chunky knit cardigans every year that see me through the full 12 months. These are the ones I have my eye on this year:

And this wee mustard dress has been on my radar for months:

My plan of action is to hit my favourite shops (UO, Topshop, All Saints, Office) for my 'hot picks' as soon as humanly possible. Usually this is the 27th or 28th due to taking part in the family stuff, but there's a slim chance this year that I'll be able to raid the high street on the 26th. I can hear all of you working in retail screaming at me "wwwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???" - gotta get it before it's gone!

During this initial plundering, I make a mental note - sometimes even a photo - of items that are potential future 70% off bargains. I then attempt to stay clear of the shops until mid January when I do my final sweep, taking in the likes of Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Oasis - just in case!

Another wee gem that I hope to snap up is this grey trapper hat from Accessorize. This is the only grey one that I've seen, so I hope it doesn't sell out.

What did everyone get up to this weekend? Any Christmas Parties?? We had our work lunch on Wednesday which resulted in a rough Thursday.
Friday panned out just the way I had anticipated. At 3 o'clock I got my birthday tattoo! Well, I got the outline done - another 2 or 3 sessions to go. It's a bit icky and swollen just now, so will post picks when it looks a little prettier.

Next up on Friday was Tron: Legacy in 3D at the Imax. Adored the visuals and soundtrack, but the story was piss-poor - really bad. The cinema was also really warm. Something that NEVER happens. I usually take extra layers with me when I go to see a film, but for some reason, it was stifling hot -so hot that our bag of Magic Stars melted :(

The evening was topped off with a wee birthday celebration for Miss Lou's man, Christopher. Happy Birthday Dahling!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Stay Beautiful

So I woke this morning to my very first blog award! The gorgeous Freya from Say Your Right Words very kindly passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to me - I'm so honoured! Thanks Freya xx

There are a few rules that must be adhered to first:
  1. Thank the person that gave you the award :)
  2. Share seven facts about yourself
  3. Give the award to 7 other bloggers
Seven facts about me...
This is actually quite difficult cos I've been babbling on about myself on this here wee blog for almost a year and there's not much left that a lot of you don't already know, but I'll give it my best shot!
  1. My biggest fashion influence over the years has always been music. The two things are inextricably linked for me.
  2. Courtney Love was my first ever style icon and I think that now I'm 30, I can finally pull off the kinderwhore look. At 13 I just looked like a podgy wee lassie that her mum dressed in Laura Ashley babydoll dresses - not cute and certainly not Rock n Roll...

  3. Although I constantly refer to my fave bands being the Manics, Rachel Stamp, Hole, Motley Crue etc my 'CD collection' hides all sorts of dirty wee secrets. Does anyone in the UK remember the mid-90s pop explosion that was 'Romo'?? You would have to have bought Melody Maker on 9th March 1996 to know what I'm babbling about. Basically Romo (Romantic Modernism) was a club movement in London that got picked up by Melody Maker journalist, Simon Price and bands like Orlando, Plastic Fantastic, Dex Dexter and Viva shot to instant fame (well, they got plastered all over my bedroom wall as I dreamed about running off to London just so I could hang out at Club Skinny...) Needless to say, the 'movement' didn't really take off, but to this day I still have Orlando's 'Passive Soul' album on my iPod. Just discovered that Romo has a wikipedia entry!!!
  4. Simon Price is my hero. He taught me everything I know! (and has a Stay Beautiful tattoo like mine)
  5. I am a life long fan of British TV programmes 'Casualty' and 'Holby City'. I never miss an episode.
  6. I have a genuine phobia of baby sweetcorn - seriously - even typing the words has left me with sweaty palms. 'Baby' food in general freaks me out - baby cucumber being another, but the 'corn really takes the biscuit - it's just downright evil and embarassing...
  7. Like Freya, I too am a natural blonde!
For your viewing pleasure, here is the beautiful Timothy Mark Chipping and Dickon Edwards performing 'Afraid Again' on some horrendous excuse for a TV Programme.

I would like to pass on this award to all of you, but rules are rules, so in no particular order:


Gin In Teacups
Little Razzi
Lips Tits Teeth Hips
Bee Waits For No One
Death Sexxx

Thanks again to Freya for passing on the award xx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hi Tek Surrealism

Surreal, 80s inspired leather work designed by Alexander Tasou for Hi Tek. A telephone bag, leather jacket, chastity belt and tuxedo in leather and metal.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Tragic Start To The Week

Last night I skipped all the way home, threw some microwave lasagne down my neck and headed into town for the glam-rock fest that was Steve Conte (of dubious New York Dolls fame) supported by our very own princes of sleaze, Tragic City Thieves.

Mr G was less enamoured about leaving the comfort of our cosy flat to brave the sub-zeros on a Monday night, but like a dutiful husband, he kindly chummed me along and bought me pints of cider and black so that I could do silly dancing and scream with delight as TCT took to the stage wearing combos of tightly fitting white jeans, head to toe leather and frilly shirts. I missed their last gig and was determinded not to miss this one as it appears to be their last until February?! But, as they're heading to the studio to record their second album, I'll forgive them - just.

As I'm not getting to see Rachel Stamp in London for their New Year's Eve party, a 'unique, never-to-be-repeated experience', I needed my glam rock fix. And yes, honey, I'm just getting this one last dig in here. I promise not to mention it again. Except at the bells when I make you all listen to Black Cherry ;-)

I forgot to charge my camera for last night, so here are some photos of the band stolen from facebook.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Little Dead Riding Hood

Whilst out pressie hunting yesterday I couldn't help but gravitate towards an H by Henry Holland red tartan cape that was going for half price with a further 20% off - a steal at only 24 quid. But, I reigned in the urge and marched swiftly on.

"I don't need a red tartan cape - it would be useless in this freezing cold weather - how would I carry my bag??"

Needless to say, I haven't been able to shake it's cheeky checked pattern from my mind all day. So I decided to have a wee gander online - just to see if it's still available. And what did I discover? A much fucking better version!! The one above is by Miss Selfridge and comes with a fake fur trimmed hood - a fake fur trimmed hood! This one I do need in my life. However, it's only 13 days til the sale, so I'm gonna be strong and hold fast. I want it, but I want it cheap!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Shiny Shiny, Shiny Boots Of Leather

I'm really dragging this out, aren't I? Anyhoo...

I thought I'd share a few more of my wonderful birthday pressies with you and chuck in a wee make-up review at the same time.

This is me clinging with delight to the *fantabulous* collage made for me by my partner in crime and the best pal a gal can have, Miss Lou. It has all my favourite things on it including a pink and black background, Tunnock's teacakes, Hello Kitty, leopard print, Vivienne Westwood, the Manics, Rachel Stamp, Nikki Sixx, eyeliner, Tragic City Thieves and cherries. All the things that remind me of Lou: heels, cupcakes, tea, nail polish, Jack Skellington, cider, bows and of course, glamourous smoking!
Keeking out in the background you might spot my Zana Bayne 3-wing shoulder piece. It was a gift from Mr G and it's so fucking amazing that I'm gonna save it for a post all to itself.

This little package of goodies arrived in the post, all the way from London, from my psychic twin, Vicki. Although we live miles apart, we always seem to be drawn to exactly the same things - the details in this psychic bond can be truly terrifying at times! But it does mean that presents like the MAC Violet my Love Tartan Tale kit are always a perfect choice!

Although I have sacks full of MAC eye pigments, brushes and liners, I've never actually tried any of their mascaras. Having now tried and tested Zoom Lash, I can firmly state that I won't be going anywhere else in the future! It glided on with ease and lengthed my lashes perfectly. It has great staying power too - something I crave as I don't mind topping up eyeliner and lippy throughout the day, but I draw the line at mascara. Here I am modelling Zoom Lash with Microviolet Fluidline topped off with violet pigment - perfect for the party season!

More goodies from Miss Lou!

Next up we have the main event from Mr G: a pair of patent leather hook-up fetish boots. I have been after a pair of these babies for years and I can't think of a better 30th birthday pressie. These boots were NOT made for walking.

To indulge my teenage lust for vampires I got a bottle of Tru Blood from Mr G and two great vamp necklaces from the Baron and the Smu ;)

Finally, in celebration of one of my darkest secrets, a tshirt to declare my love for the tennis world number one, Rafael Nadal! I can hear all the 'huh?'s and 'who?'s' as I type this. I've been a tennis fan since Andre Agassi stepped on court in the early 90s. And Rafa is my current obsession in a long line of players. So there you have it, my secret it out - I'm a tennis geek - and proud!

Right, I'm off into town to brave the crazy shops. I'm so far behind this year with my Christmas shopping that I'm now in panic mode. Any good suggestions for Dads and Nanas??
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