Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bad Hair Day

Dress All Saints // Vivienne Westwood choker // leopard print tights // Office red boots // disastrous hair // hair bobble around wrist

Friday, 30 July 2010


I'm off to another wedding this evening and bought my dress in the All Saints sale at the beginning of the month. But, I've been racking my brains for weeks trying to think what on earth I'm going to wear on my feet. Basically the dress is quite casual - usual All Saints style - and black (I'll post outfit pics tomorrow) and really requires heels to dress it up. BUT, I'm shit in heels. I feel like a tottering fairy elephant in them and my feet just can't hack the pain after about an hour - misery.
So I figured I'd have a quick look down Buchanan Street on Wednesday after work to see if there were any really good bargains to be had that I might actually be able to walk in. Nothing. Too late. Sales are practically over and nothing jumped out at me until...




Office strikes again! *squeal*
Of course they were full price and WAY out of my budget for this month. I deliberately tried on a size too small, so that I couldn't get the 'full-effect' and tried to fool my brain into thinking they were too uncomfortable... After fighting with the sales assistant (I wouldn't let go and they wanted to close the store) I left... empty-handed...

I tossed and turned all night. Oufit after fantastic outfit just kept going round and round in my head. I posted a message on Facebook about my horrible dilema: desperately needed work clothes or bright red boots with zips and buckles??

This was the response from my wonderful wee mammy:

"just dae it, buy them and i will give you half the price, yer maw x"

So the very next day...

Wham! Bam! Thank you Mam! xxx

P.S. These photos were taken at 7.45 this morning by a rather sleepy and perplexed Mr G. I'm standing on a kitchen chair!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Scratch My Back

Super cute! Reminds me of the croquet game in Alice in Wonderland.
It's a cheese grater designed by a group of Belgians for a design competition called Dining in 2015

Black Is The New Black

I've got quite greasy hair and therefore wash it every single day, without fail. I know, it's a bad habit and only perpetuates the need to wash it, but there's no way I'm leaving the house with my fringe stuck to my forehead like I've been hanging over a chip pan for for hours.

Every day the routine's the same: two healthy plunges of Black Malva shampoo followed by a pea sized dollop of Black Malva conditioner. In fact, I was trying to remember what my hair, and by association, my life, was like before the use of Aveda hair products. I adore these two beauty products even though they cost around £40 for a set of bottles. Then I did some maths (in my head!) and realised that the last bottle of shampoo I bought was over 3 months ago and there's still a good 1/4 bottle left.

The conditioner? Well, it's almost done, but, the last time I bought a tube was, wait for it... last November! That's 9 whole months ago! Now for the calculator:

£18 / 9 months = £2 a month
£2 / 30 days = 6.5p per day

That's value for money! Not to mention that the black tea ingredient helps keep my hair nice and dark so I don't have to dye it as often.

Aveda also supports sustainable and organic agriculture and encourages economic independence.

What does everyone else use? Any good beauty product tips?

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Ink Spot

Sorry I've not posted all weekend. Been a bit cheeky and spent some time starting up a new Tumblr blog: The Ink Spot.
I'm always inspired by other people's tattoos and have a backlog of images on my hard drive (at work!) and want to create a sort of accessible database of them. I'm also fascinated by the history, anthropology and sociology surrounding tattoos and plan to post links to interesting, controversial and thought-provoking articles on the web. If you have a Tumblr and like what you see, please follow. Leave a comment below so I know who you are and I can follow back x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Furry Fantastic

A wee cheeky last minute sale bargain? Down to £32.50 in the Office sale.

Lanvin Lovin

Just can't get enough of Lanvin bling at the moment. Probably because all of it is so far out of my budget that I can't even be tempted. So, if anyone would like to sell a kidney and make me a very happy gal, knock yourself out. The one directly above would be preferable, but I'd take the ladybugs as a close second. Cheers.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All The Good Things You Never Knew About Me

Fellow blogger and one of my favourite fashionable ladies, Sleekit, was kind enough to tag me with a little challenge: Tell 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself you like. Harder than it seems!

This is me on my wedding day. The photo was taken by my cousin and I love how she managed to capture me having a laugh - I'm not cut out for all the cheesy poses expected of you on the day!

1. My Optimism: I am a very optimistic person and I always try to look for the positive in any situation. If you fall down, get straight back up again! I hope this rubs off on the people I surround myself with :-)

2. My Get Up and Go: I'm a morning person. I know, everyone else's nightmare! When I wake up my mind is already buzzing with what needs to be done that day. I like the peace and quiet in the morning. It helps me focus and when I was at Uni I'd rather get up at 5am to write an essay than stay awake all night writing. This is a great asset at work as well as I'm pretty focussed. The only downside is having to keep my nagging questions to myself at 7.30am while Mr G takes baby steps towards 'fully awake mode'.

3. My Tattoos: I got my first tattoo when I was 18. A simple tribal design on my back. I chose NOT to get anything too personal as I was fully aware I still had a lot of growing up to do and I didn't want to regret it. I waited until I was 25 before I started getting the rest (Japanese 1/2 sleeve, inside forearm, feet and chest) and it was the best decision I ever made. I love each and every one of them and although they all hold some meaning for me, mostly, they function as part of my personal style.

4. My Hair: Although I complain about my hair all the time, I'm actually quite content with my lot. It's naturally quite fair (at least it was the last time I saw it, about 17 years ago!) and therefore will pick up any colour of dye like a sponge. It's been pink, red, bleached, purple and now black. It's nice and straight, but with a bit of back-combing I can add huge amounts of volume. Yip, I like my hair.

5. My Bargain Hunting: I've always had an eye for a bargain and very rarely will I pay full price for anything. In the past 5 years or so, I would say that I've honed my skills perfectly. I no longer go home with armfuls of useless tat just because 'it was a fiver!' My rule of thumb is I only buy something in the sale if I had previously admired it full price. I'll try to hit the first day of sale in my favourite shops to pick up the best items, then avoid them until the very end when there's 75% off. Then I set myself a budget of between £30 and £50 to blow on bits n pieces - usually clothes or accessories I consider a 'risk' such as my £7 jumpsuit!

6. I'm a Good Wife and Friend: Well, I like to think I am. Is that just my optimistic outlook??

I would like to pass this challenge on to:

Bee Waits For No One
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Saturday, 17 July 2010


I've been swithering about getting my ears pierced again. I used to have them both done all the way round, but they closed up years ago. However, I'm a big 'fearty' and can't face weeks of swelling, puss and pain. Perhaps these ear cuffs from Uptights would do the job? I like the dragonfly one the best, but it's sold out.

Gorky's Zygotic 'Monki'

Anyone remember the wonderful welsh band Gorky's Zygotic Mynci from back in the 90s?? They sang what I can only describe as psychadelic lullabies, in welsh. I could never understand a word of it, but fell in love with them when I was about 13.Today, I discovered another 'monkey' that I love, but is completely unaccessible to me. The Scandanavian clothing store Monki. I have Rauschgiftengel to thank for the introduction. Check out her blog here.

Individually, the pieces don't inspire me that much, but, with careful layering, a full-on Comme des Garcons/Jutya Watanabe look can be created! Check out the Monki Style section.

Comme des Garcons A/W 2009

My favourite part of the site is the Monki Saga which I assume is the story behind the little Monki illustrations? Check out the wee origami birds in the last section. They made me smile this morning!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Queen Bee

It's McQueen, it's a skull AND it's a bee. Nuff said. Grab one for yourself (and me?) at Forward by Revolve.
Thanks again to the lovely Cindy Whitehead for finding this.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kitty Galore

This post only exists as an attempt to quell my current obsession with Sphynx cats. Put quite simply, I want one. Want one now. However, I can see Mr G's skin crawl and his nose wrinkle in disgust at the very mention of it. He doesn't realise the resemblance when he does this. I also watch Miss Lydia and Mildred Pierce running for cover everytime I pick up the scissors. So, I thought I'd try and get over my little 'crush' by indulging myself here for all to see.

As if by magic, the new Cats and Dogs film, "The Revenge of Kitty Galore" comes out at the end of this month:

Kitty Galore, a hairless Sphynx cat, grows tired of dogs and her own cat friends. So, she decides to take over the world. Diggs, a police dog, and his mentor, Butch, are selected by the Dogs HQ spy force to stop her. The cats join forces with with the dogs and get additional support from the birds to block Galore’s scheme. Galore, meanwhile, has the help of the mice and hires the devious cat and antagonist from the first film, Mr. Tinkles.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bin The Ordinary

Inspired by my recent fringe shortening, I decided to clear out my tool box on Sunday to see what little delights were lurking at the bottom. To my dismay, there were relatively few eyeshadows to choose from. Two Urban Decay palettes, which are my go-to, easy to find options on a daily basis and a pile of rather worse for wear, 'shiny' single pots of MAC, Nars and Bourjois etc. There were of course tubs and tubs of Barry M glitter, but nothing new and exciting.

So, come payday, I've decided to treat myself to some new slap.

First port of call will be the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams. As of today, you can get rid of all your 'just in case' crap that decays at the bottom of your make-up bag, covering everything in brown dust and exchange it for 25% off any Illamasqua product! That's right. Hand over your sludge caked leftovers and walk away with 4 new things for the price of 3 - Bargain!

Next on my hit list will be the Nars counter in Frasers. They launch their new 15th Anniversary Fall Collection on 15th July and I'll be there waiting to snap up some of the Daphne Guinness inspired purple eyeshadow, "Night Breed".

Sunday, 11 July 2010

House of Honey

As you can see, I decided to go for the DIY chop.

Mr G and I were invited to an awesome house party on Friday night, House of Honey. There was dancing divas, champagne cocktails, men in gold hotpants, lasers, hula hooping and a room full of amazing outifts. Had a blast, but still in recovery. Off to soak up some culture this afternoon at the Tramway.

Picked up this jumpsuit a while back in the Warehouse sale. Reduced from £50 to £7. So comfortable! Teamed it with some white peep toes from Office and my Westwood choker.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

Thinking about cutting my fringe again. My hair's finally long enough to tie up, but looks ridiculous with the heavy fringe. Maybe I need a Pros and Cons list...

Pro Long Fringe
It hides the wrinkles underneath
I don't have to bother plucking my eyebrows
I think I suit it better

Con Long Fringe
I have to cut it way too often
It never sits straight in the wind
Looks crap with my specs and therefore I am blind

Pro Short Fringe
I can wear over the top eye makeup
I can wear my specs
It'll look good with my new head scarves I bought in the sale

Con Short Fringe
Not sure I really suit it
It's a bugger to grow out again
You can see my wrinkles

What do you think??

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

All Clawed Up

Just snapped up this bad boy. To be premiered later this month ;-)
1/4" thick Black English Leather with a row of 1 1/4" Eagle Claw Spikes running across it.

All I need now is Gareth Pugh's Scythe Ring to go with it.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Kramola Fizz

Back when I was a wee lass growing up in deepest, darkest Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland, there was only one way to get you kicks. Creamola Foam!! A 'soft drink' made from soluable crystals that foamed and fizzed like a Mento in a bottle of Coke when you added water.

It came in four flavours that I can remember: Raspberry (always my fave), Orange, Lemon and Cola. Production ended in 1998 and kids all over Scotland had to substitute their crazy cravings with deep fried Mars Bars.

But not any more folks! Creamola Foam is BACK in the form of Kramola Fizz! Fire over to the website or ebay and score yourself some quality gear.
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