Monday, 28 November 2011

Dying To Be Orange Again

Check those wrinkles! I was wearing my gifted Russian hat until Mr G exclaimed "you look like a licorice allsort..." *extended pause* "The nice ones! The tasty ones!"... Changed into my new ASOS turban instead. Not cold enough for the Russians just yet!

Finally plucked up the courage to dye my hair in our new WHITE bathroom - so far, so good. Used some tile sealant from B&Q - last thing we want when we go to sell the flat is piss yellow stains running down the tiles...

ASOS knitted turban // Label Lab wax trenchcoat // Loreal Majicontrast hair dye in Pure Copper // Primark cosy tights // fake Burberry boots from TK Maxx - been lusting after these for nearly 2 years and couldn't believe my luck when I spotted them on the TK Maxx site for a mere £60!

Primark dress (from this time last year) // cosy Primark tights // Vivienne Westwood choker

Would you believe that this time last year the snow had come down? And here I am standing outside in nothing but a dress and tights - mental. I hope it snows again this year - I bought a fantastic sheepskin coat! It weighs an absolute tonne and unless it's minus 5 outside, I'll boil alive.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

JB Millinery

Last month I was kindly invited along to Bee Waits' exquisite fashion show, In The Company Of Wolves. One of my favourite collections to strut down the catwalk was Jenivieve Berlin Millinery. Jenivieve started out creating hats and costumes for dancers before making the welcomed leap to the catwalk earlier this year with her debut collection, Rebel/Rebel:

"a clash of regal elegance and punk rock style. Bold colours, Swarovski crystals, leather, tartan, chain and studs have all been thrown in, mashed up and spat out in the face of the monarchs nuptials to create a truly eye catching and anarchist collection."

Her latest collection, Lace and Chain, is inspired by the Bohemian revolution that swept through Paris at the end of the 19th century, a tribute to the women that worked the streets of the artistic quarter from dusk til dawn. Chains, Vietnamese lace and vintage feathers feature throughout the collection giving it a certain elegance and sophistication. Perfect for my cousin's wedding next year!

Styling & Millinery - Jenivieve Berlin Millinery
Clothes - Obscure Couture
Models - Debay De Lux, Hazel Martin, Kirstin Gribbin & Julia Bell
MUA - Ruth McIntosh
Hair - Lou Clavé from Toni & Guy
Nails - Karen Hale
Assistant - Morvern Connelly
Photography - Dawntroversial Image

Friday, 25 November 2011

Buy Nothing Day - UK

Saturday 26th November is "Buy Nothing Day - UK". In protest against our highly consumerist culture, organisers ask us to lock up our wallets for the day and dump our love of shopping. I'll most definitely be taking part this year, although it'll not be a challenge as I don't get paid til Monday. I feel like a fraud. However, it'll be good practice for February...

I am a shopaholic - seriously. I'm useless at saving, cash literally burns a hole in my pocket, and every month I'm down to my last pennies come payday. If I'm gonna go back to college in the future, I need to prove to myself that I can indeed save more and spend less. I will be going cold turkey in February - no spending ANY cash on myself. It's only 4 weeks. I can go 4 weeks without buying anything - can't I??? I plan to document my rehabilitation from day one on here. Every time I feel the urge to spend but resist I'll make a note of the amount I've saved. E.g. If I'm out and about in town and I think to myself,

"Hmmmm... I fancy a wee latte to keep me going"

I'll make a note of the £2.50 or so that I've just saved by NOT stopping for coffee. (See - I don't actually have a clue how much a latte costs - I just hand over a tenner and stuff the change in my bag til the next time). Same will apply each time I see a new item of clothing online or in a shop that I'd otherwise just buy - this however, is gonna need LOTS of moral support - I'll probably exchange my shopping addiction for a tweeting addiction!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Coffee And A Catch Up?

Another week has passed with no posts - sorry! Here's a wee photo round up of what I've been up to over the past 10 days or so...

These pics were taken on Friday night at our friends' "This is NOT a wedding party" wedding party. Like most weddings, things had gotten a trifle messy as early as 10pm. The booze was flowing, the choons were banging and the feet were dancin. Top night.

Sara Berman dress (Ebay bargain) // Ebay tartan leggings // Westwood for Melissa rocking horse shoes // choker and studded gloves were gifted
Outfit was inspired by D&G's tartan on tartan from A/W 2008 - check out my Pinterest board.

Me and ma grrrrls

 Starbucks Grande Praline Mocha to go

The wedding was a happy end to an otherwise pretty emotional week. Wednesday was my paternal grandfather's funeral. Although a sad occasion, lots of good came of it. My dad's family live over 300 miles from Glasgow so, Tuesday was road trip day. Me, my brother, mum and dad all piled into the car and headed off down south. I think this was the first time the four of us have really spent any proper time together since I left home 13 years ago. Mum had made sandwiches which we ate out the boot of the car whilst stopped at various service stations along the way - topped up with praline mochas from Starbucks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts - a novelty to us north of the border - you just cannae get them in Scotland...

Due to the distance between us, I'd only met my cousins once in the past so it was great to finally meet properly, see their home town and hear loads of stories about them growing up.

Chelsea, Sam (my brother), Jamie, me and Tami. Vicki is missing from the photo - she had toddled off to put baby Xander to bed. Oh! You can see my new boots in this photo too. I opted for the more affordable version - proper post to follow.

I mentioned a few posts ago about my new plans to re-train as a florist and that this used to be my Grandma's career. While we were visiting last week, a sad time was turned into a happier one when I broke this news to my Grandma. She was delighted and excited for me and went rummaging for old books and boxes of silk flowers and foliage - which were promptly put in the boot of my dad's car and driven the 300 miles back to Glasgow. Thanks to Grandma I've got everything I need to get started!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Gaga Over Gareth

Gorgeous Gareth's collaboration with Melissa is available from the online Seven store in NY. Loving these gladiator sandals for the summer but not keen on the ballet pumps - just never been a fan of that style. They will sit nicely alongside my Westwood for Melissa rocking horse shoes :-)

Of course, anyone looking to pick up a wee birthday or Christmas surprise for me need look no further than Gareth's new MAC collection. I'm not fussy. It's all about the packaging anyway. It's released on 23rd November in the U.S. Anyone know the UK date?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bugging Out Over Sorapol SS12

Oggling this bugtastic collection by Sorapol. Loving the use of bright jewel colours, texture, sculpture and layering. Photos from Blow Presents and the Sorapol Tumblr.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Jumping Ship

Well, my lovelies, it's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, just been dealing with different real life issues, some bad, but some good too. I never dwell on the negative, so, on the upside, we've had a brand new bathroom installed at home which brings us one step closer to selling up and moving to a bigger, better flat - yay!

On Saturday I was treated to a very special early birthday treat by the delicious Miss Spinal Lou. It was the best kind of treat - a surprise! I absolutely love surprises - I think it's to do with the act that my mum is crap at keeping them and always let slip what she'd got me for birthdays and Christmases when I was young. So, you're all dying to know what the surprise was, aren't you?? I got my ears pierced!! 30 years old and covered in tattoos and I was shaking like a leaf. I had them pierced when I was a teenager but let them close up after being in hospital for an operation when I was 19. I'm totally squeamish about piercings and have been trying to work up the courage for years. It was an NY resolution this year too (along with dying my hair orange and moving house, so nearly there!). Chuffed to bits. We went to a proper piercer - no nasty gun-mutilation and it was pain free. Happy days. Thinking of buying me a Christmas present? You know what to get - Pamela LOVE:

Another thing that's been keeping me preoccupied these past few weeks has been my job. Well, my career to be more specific. I enjoy my job (I'm Learning and Access Officer for The Tall Ship), but beginning to question whether or not I want to work in museum education for the rest of my life. It's all I really know and I've been at the ship for 6 and half years. Is this it? Is this really as good as it's gonna get? I'm not willing to settle for a 'job' that slowly but steadily sucks the life from me. Instead, I've decided to retrain. As a florist!

I've been researching floristry for weeks and discovered that the local college (literally 5 mins from my house) runs the City and Guilds Level 2&3 courses AND that my grandma used to be a florist - I had for some weird reason always thought she was a baker... So there you have it - it's in my blood! It's meant to be! So, if any of you lovely readers out there have any floristry experience or have decided to 'jump ship' and retrain, I'd love to hear from you.

My preferred mode of distraction at the moment is planning my new career, style, house and life in general, on Pinterest. Any fans out there? If so, you can find me here x

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