Saturday, 17 July 2010

Gorky's Zygotic 'Monki'

Anyone remember the wonderful welsh band Gorky's Zygotic Mynci from back in the 90s?? They sang what I can only describe as psychadelic lullabies, in welsh. I could never understand a word of it, but fell in love with them when I was about 13.Today, I discovered another 'monkey' that I love, but is completely unaccessible to me. The Scandanavian clothing store Monki. I have Rauschgiftengel to thank for the introduction. Check out her blog here.

Individually, the pieces don't inspire me that much, but, with careful layering, a full-on Comme des Garcons/Jutya Watanabe look can be created! Check out the Monki Style section.

Comme des Garcons A/W 2009

My favourite part of the site is the Monki Saga which I assume is the story behind the little Monki illustrations? Check out the wee origami birds in the last section. They made me smile this morning!

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