Friday, 25 November 2011

Buy Nothing Day - UK

Saturday 26th November is "Buy Nothing Day - UK". In protest against our highly consumerist culture, organisers ask us to lock up our wallets for the day and dump our love of shopping. I'll most definitely be taking part this year, although it'll not be a challenge as I don't get paid til Monday. I feel like a fraud. However, it'll be good practice for February...

I am a shopaholic - seriously. I'm useless at saving, cash literally burns a hole in my pocket, and every month I'm down to my last pennies come payday. If I'm gonna go back to college in the future, I need to prove to myself that I can indeed save more and spend less. I will be going cold turkey in February - no spending ANY cash on myself. It's only 4 weeks. I can go 4 weeks without buying anything - can't I??? I plan to document my rehabilitation from day one on here. Every time I feel the urge to spend but resist I'll make a note of the amount I've saved. E.g. If I'm out and about in town and I think to myself,

"Hmmmm... I fancy a wee latte to keep me going"

I'll make a note of the £2.50 or so that I've just saved by NOT stopping for coffee. (See - I don't actually have a clue how much a latte costs - I just hand over a tenner and stuff the change in my bag til the next time). Same will apply each time I see a new item of clothing online or in a shop that I'd otherwise just buy - this however, is gonna need LOTS of moral support - I'll probably exchange my shopping addiction for a tweeting addiction!

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  1. That's a really nice plan! Curious about what you make of it! I'm now living on my own for the first time and it really did change my view on money and spending! So it's nice to see how other people handle their money :P


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