Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tattoo Inspired Christmas Cards

Are you all ready for Christmas? I've bought metres of wrapping paper and some presents, but still a long way off from 'prepared'. Every year I debate with myself about whether or not to send cards and every year it comes down to the same thing - can I actually find any that I like enough to handwrite and post all over the country? Having been through all the usual styles - Vogue, Victoria and Albert Museum, Japanese etc, I'm bored with everything on offer. So, I went on the hunt for tattoo inspired cards and found a link to Crankbunny's Etsy site via Needles and Sins. What delights! But I'm way too late to buy them. Expect a shit card from me this year and one of these babies next year!

 Carnival People - Miss Suzy and Sir Craig wish you Merry Christmas!

You can even personalise each card by choosing which object you'd like each of the characters to carry.

Crankbunny has loads of other unique and quirky items on their site including these beautiful jointed paper puppets, Golden Ticket scratch off cards and my favourite of all, the Tell-Tale Heart scratch off card:

"Lady Pamella Mam is a special lady from Victorian times long ago. With a penchant for the finer more silky and exotic things in life, Pamy knows the best way to show off her tattoos is in her favorite fancy sparkle dress!"

"Someone may be a truly lucky winner with this card! The Golden Ticket is a lucky scratch off card that reveals a secret customizable message."


  1. oh ive seen these guys before, i love the rib case! it's my fave. the tattoed xmas cards are amazing! xx

  2. Oh my god these cards are amazing! I want one, but think it's a bit strange to send a card to myself ha ha :) xx

  3. The last card is just perfect!!! *ç*


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