Friday, 3 February 2012

Floristry Taster - Week 2

This week I made my very first buttonhole/corsage. I'm jolly pleased with it, even though I had to make do with a bunch of flowers from the Co-op. The florist I've been using didn't really have anything suitable in stock when I popped in at the last minute (2 hours before my class - eek!)

It was far more technical than last week's effort, which really appealed to my technical side. I like to have a bit of structure and some rules to follow/break.

My apparatus: leaves, florist tape, wire and ribbon.

Wiring my rose leaves (not the best choice as they are too soft, but for practicing they did the job)

Wiring the ferny stuff - not even sure what it's called *slaps wrist*

Taping the wires - probably the most tricky part

Wiring and taping the flowers (and my crap bow which I chose not to include in the final display. Not keen on them in general. Think they are a bit tacky.)

The final result from behind.

And from the front. 


  1. The big day is March 2013 you seem to be doing so well at the moment and youve just started.Lets just say youve picked a good career move the money you can make has been an eye opener for me planning my wedding ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing your floristry progress! I'm really enjoying it. I also hope your father is doing better, prayers for him.

  3. You did a sterling job! Looks perfect...well done!xx


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