Monday, 30 April 2012


Ooft! This past week has really thrown me. I've had the lurgy since last Monday and still not feeling 100%. I may well have overdone it the previous weekend...

I sat my DVLA Theory Test on Thursday 19th and Passed! Yay! I've just booked my practical driving test as well, but I'm keeping the date a secret - couldn't face having to tell everyone if I fail :-(

I'd managed to orchestrate a fantastic wee cultured day for myself and my colleague at work the next day. We spent the morning building model boats out of rubbish salvaged from the River Clyde. The boats, each one containing a message in a bottle, would be launched on the River as part of a Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art event, Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us.

I cheated. I brought along one of crew to help - he has serious woodworking skills! Gerry constructed the hull using driftwood and 2 empty bottles of the native ned juice of choice, Buckfast, or Buckie as it's known locally. I laced an old security sign to a stick, like a corset, and voila! We had our sail and SV White Lightning was born!

The real test was the rather novel floatation tank:

And all at sea!

Next on the 'arts and culture' agenda was a wee jaunt down to Glasgow Green for the opening of Jeremy Deller's interactive installation, Sacrilege. To be honest, we had no idea what we were in for - it just sounded like a good way to skive work on a Friday afternoon.

Off in the distance we could see something emerging on the horizon...

 ... is that Stonehenge?? Wait, is that an inflatable, bouncy castle style Stonehenge??

Ya dancer! "Take my picture!!"

Thankfully I was wearing matching socks with no holes in  - a rarity indeed.

Finally, after a rather energetic afternoon of bouncing, Mr G and I decided to celebrate my theory test pass by heading into town for our pal's "So & So" Fanzine launch night.

...At which many a pint of Snakebite was joyously consumed...

...which most likely resulted in over exersion and the inevitable onset of the LURGY... 
*cough, cough, splutter, splutter*


  1. I love the pic of you on the bouncey Stone Henge - a perfect Kodak moment! Hope u feel better soon my sweet. xx

  2. I NEED a bouncy Stonehenge! I hope you're feeling better sweets! XXX Suzanne

  3. That stonehenge bouncy castle is huge! It looks so much fun :) xx

  4. Your new hair is gorgeous, LOVE IT! I have also booked my driving test but only boyfriend knows so far...have failed before and told people. Not enjoyable. Lots of luck to you:)

    Caz x

  5. oh my god i love the bouncy stonehendge, looks like so much fun!


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