Monday, 18 June 2012

Little Fluffy Clouds

Lusting after this 'Orbital Cloud' jacket by Ivory Jar. And here's a wee summery afternoon chillout choon for y'all to enjoy. It was one of the first ever 'dance' tunes that I got into.


  1. I remember this band. I was very young at the time but their stuff was always played on Radio 1 and I thought they were very interesting x

  2. That jacket looks straight up out of a dream. x

  3. Damnnn, wish I hadn't clicked on the shop link. I now *need* the leather studded jacket...

  4. omg... love her hair

  5. hey.....I'm thinking of doing this myself to a denim shirt shouldn't be that hard?
    Anyway just to let you A2D is back but is now called sameDNA if you wanna have a wee look...x


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