Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wee Lydia

As I sit at work researching ships' cats, I was reminded that today is wee Lydia's one year anniversary, so I thought it was only fitting to do a little tribute post to the fluffiest, cutest, wonkiest wee moggie that touched the hearts of everyone she ever drooled on. We still find little white Lydia hairs all over the flat.
Lydia we love you! x

Mildred Pierce and Lydia - as close as they ever got!

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  1. Oh what a precious girl she was! My Jezebel's sister was all white like Lydia, but she was a calico. Funny, Jezebel died two weeks after 9/11 so that's almost 11 years ago, and we still find her little whiskers or hairs on things. Usually its things I've had in storage for some time, but it tugs at my heart every time. Hence the reason we have a dog now. After rescuing her at about 6 weeks old, and her living to be 21.5 I guess she still wants to be part of our lives (at least mine) and theres no way I can replace her even though I keep threatening to hit the SPCA. XXX Suzanne


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