Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Durty Mac

So this day has finally arrived. After work, I meet my brother to get my friends and family deal on an iphone. I am ridiculously excited.

It's about time...

I've been tied in to my old contract and pathetic old phone for far too long.
I arranged to get my PAC code a couple of weeks ago, diligently wrote it down on the back of a business card and slipped it snuggly inside my purse for 'the big day'. The big day arrived - Sunday. Set off into town - double checking that I've got the code. Yip - it's still there and purse is zipped safely into my gorgeous new black leather, studded, "take me with you" bag.

Set off into town, complaining to my beau that my brother's always late - no point in rushing - we'll just have to wait outside the shop. Arrive at shop and who shows up bang on time? What a star! I give all the credit to his girlfriend for that.

Speak with very nice, friendly - not too pushy, sales assistant, Brian. I can hardly contain my excitement - big cheesy grin across my face. "Just need to take a few details and then you can have your phone"... details...
"Eh?? I've got my card and my code, but you want my account details??"
What a plum - I had been so excited and hell bent on remembering my stupid code that I totally forgot I'd need ID and direct debit information...
Cheesy grin swiftly wiped away only to be replaced by a rather embarrassed red face and a childish temper tantrum.

Needless to say, I left the house today armed with every form of ID AND my account details. It had better happen tonight.

In anticipation I've been checking out some apps. First on the list to download will be "Tap Tap Revenge NIN" - what better way to spend the bus journey to work in the morning?

I'm open to all suggestions, so if you have a favourite app please recommend!

Just an excuse for a nice pic of Trent

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