Thursday, 4 February 2010

That's Really Swish

These are sketches by Spiros LaFierce of Ziad Ghanem's new collection which will be shown on 22nd February at London Fashion Week. His show's called 'The Vampire Burlesque' and will feature Immodesty Blaize. Personally, I hope it's a little more vampire than burlesque...

I adore Ziad's mix of high-end couture with ready to wear recycled clothing and he's inspired me to become a little more economical with my wardrobe contents. In fact, tonight I'll be airing my wares at a clothes swap event in the city centre, Swish!, upstairs at the Junction Bar, West George Street. I've got a couple of vintage pieces to swap - neither of which I've actually worn. A pair of shoes - worn once to a wedding, and a bunch of other nearly new items. I'd love to pick up something I can modify - something I can 'pimp' up... watch this space...


  1. These are really beautiful!! Thank you for following me too <3 Hope to see some outfits from you soon xoxo

  2. Thank you! Ziad is one of my all time favourite designers x


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