Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All The Good Things You Never Knew About Me

Fellow blogger and one of my favourite fashionable ladies, Sleekit, was kind enough to tag me with a little challenge: Tell 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself you like. Harder than it seems!

This is me on my wedding day. The photo was taken by my cousin and I love how she managed to capture me having a laugh - I'm not cut out for all the cheesy poses expected of you on the day!

1. My Optimism: I am a very optimistic person and I always try to look for the positive in any situation. If you fall down, get straight back up again! I hope this rubs off on the people I surround myself with :-)

2. My Get Up and Go: I'm a morning person. I know, everyone else's nightmare! When I wake up my mind is already buzzing with what needs to be done that day. I like the peace and quiet in the morning. It helps me focus and when I was at Uni I'd rather get up at 5am to write an essay than stay awake all night writing. This is a great asset at work as well as I'm pretty focussed. The only downside is having to keep my nagging questions to myself at 7.30am while Mr G takes baby steps towards 'fully awake mode'.

3. My Tattoos: I got my first tattoo when I was 18. A simple tribal design on my back. I chose NOT to get anything too personal as I was fully aware I still had a lot of growing up to do and I didn't want to regret it. I waited until I was 25 before I started getting the rest (Japanese 1/2 sleeve, inside forearm, feet and chest) and it was the best decision I ever made. I love each and every one of them and although they all hold some meaning for me, mostly, they function as part of my personal style.

4. My Hair: Although I complain about my hair all the time, I'm actually quite content with my lot. It's naturally quite fair (at least it was the last time I saw it, about 17 years ago!) and therefore will pick up any colour of dye like a sponge. It's been pink, red, bleached, purple and now black. It's nice and straight, but with a bit of back-combing I can add huge amounts of volume. Yip, I like my hair.

5. My Bargain Hunting: I've always had an eye for a bargain and very rarely will I pay full price for anything. In the past 5 years or so, I would say that I've honed my skills perfectly. I no longer go home with armfuls of useless tat just because 'it was a fiver!' My rule of thumb is I only buy something in the sale if I had previously admired it full price. I'll try to hit the first day of sale in my favourite shops to pick up the best items, then avoid them until the very end when there's 75% off. Then I set myself a budget of between £30 and £50 to blow on bits n pieces - usually clothes or accessories I consider a 'risk' such as my £7 jumpsuit!

6. I'm a Good Wife and Friend: Well, I like to think I am. Is that just my optimistic outlook??

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  1. you sound like fun! loved this post!

  2. You're a MAGIC friend!

  3. That photo of you on your wedding day is so cool, not all posed! You look like you're actually having fun.
    Thanks for the tag! It's was hard, but I finished it!

  4. Yeah, without question, you're a great friend. A gal couldn't ask for anything more.

    Ooft! This is a tricky challenge... but I'll see what I can do.

  5. It was a toughy but it's fun finding out more about the great people I follow :-)

  6. I'm just back from my hols, had a ball. So glad you took up my challenge, you sound like my kinda chick and that pic on your wedding day is magic!
    Bought a few wears on my hols, will be postin soon

    Sleekit x

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