Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bad Hair Day

Dress All Saints // Vivienne Westwood choker // leopard print tights // Office red boots // disastrous hair // hair bobble around wrist


  1. you look adorable. i'm not usually one for all saints but that dress is pretty amazing.
    claire xx

  2. To be honest, I only realised how the collar on the dress was supposed to sit when I got home! Damn All Saints and their over designing...
    I'll make sure I get better pics the next time I wear it.
    Thanks for the lovely comments. Mr G always has a good giggle at our 'mutual appreciation society'!
    L xx

  3. What, your hair looks great, fab frock

    Sleekit x

  4. ahaha! just the other day my colleague was complaining about All Saints, saying that they should add instruction about how to wear their clothes! :)
    anyway, what's wrong with you hair?? you look gorgeous!


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