Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Electric Frog

leopard print headscarf from Urban Outfitters sale // fake Alexander Wang sunnies // Westwood choker // Kenneth Jay Lane bee ring // Betsey Johnson snake bangle // Topshop leopard print cardi // Urban Outfitters vest top // skinny black jeans // red Office boots

So my hair's long enough to tie up now - yay! This was the look I was going for on Friday night (Bad Hair Day) but just didn't have enough time to pin it all in place and gave up!

I had plenty of time on Sunday afternoon before heading off to the Electric Frog Street Carnival which started at 3pm. I was in two minds about whether or not to wear my new boots. After all, I was going to a festival in Glasgow - in August - it was bound to rain and I knew I'd be dancing my wee socks off as the line up was bangin', but hey-ho - these boots were made for dancin'!

There are no photos from the event as it descended into chaos pretty much as soon as we arrived. After a half hour set from Factory Floor, the heavens opened and everyone rushed outside the tent to wash the sweat off before grabbing another mojito and continuing the party with Liquid Liquid. Bit of a blur from that point on...

Anyway, despite coming home with god knows what all over my new boots - they looked more like a Jackson Pollock painting afterwards - I managed to rescue them with some warm soapy water and about 20 cotton wool pads - phew!

Here's a wee snippet from Factory Floor - live. A full on sensory experience. Turn the volume up and the lights down - enjoy!


  1. So gutted I missed Electric Frog, it looked amazing! I have to say I'm a little bit in love with your glasses and boots...just saying.


  2. leopard print really suits you! I'm also a big fan of animalier pattern!

  3. This makes me sound like a geek - but the typeface on your top helvetica ultra light is my current fave!! You're looking stunning as always, only just re-discovered your blog! Messed up my bloglovin' :/ But all is recovered!!

    Paddy † @ LITTLE RAZZI

  4. Paddy, that's possibly the best comment anyone has ever made about any of my outfits! Glad you like it ;)

  5. love the fake wang's and the blog. Nice to see someone who is not afraid to wear colour, seem's like you have to just be in pale, washed out colour's. I am so glad I come across your blog to love a bit of rockabilly. xxxx


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