Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bin The Ordinary

Inspired by my recent fringe shortening, I decided to clear out my tool box on Sunday to see what little delights were lurking at the bottom. To my dismay, there were relatively few eyeshadows to choose from. Two Urban Decay palettes, which are my go-to, easy to find options on a daily basis and a pile of rather worse for wear, 'shiny' single pots of MAC, Nars and Bourjois etc. There were of course tubs and tubs of Barry M glitter, but nothing new and exciting.

So, come payday, I've decided to treat myself to some new slap.

First port of call will be the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams. As of today, you can get rid of all your 'just in case' crap that decays at the bottom of your make-up bag, covering everything in brown dust and exchange it for 25% off any Illamasqua product! That's right. Hand over your sludge caked leftovers and walk away with 4 new things for the price of 3 - Bargain!

Next on my hit list will be the Nars counter in Frasers. They launch their new 15th Anniversary Fall Collection on 15th July and I'll be there waiting to snap up some of the Daphne Guinness inspired purple eyeshadow, "Night Breed".


  1. I love illmasqua...they do the best colours. I keep telling myself to work with the make up I have (a mixture of two faced,urban decay,estee lauder and mac) but then whenever I pass a make up counter I just swoon. I don't even use eyeshadow that much but I keep buying it.

    That nars colour is gorgeous though!



  2. Good choice! I love Illamasqua, they have such beautiful things...

    Thanks for entering my Tatty Devine competition!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. Oooh - this is very exciting. I may have to tag along with you, post pay-day. x

  4. That Nars shadow is so pretty!!!


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