Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Black Is The New Black

I've got quite greasy hair and therefore wash it every single day, without fail. I know, it's a bad habit and only perpetuates the need to wash it, but there's no way I'm leaving the house with my fringe stuck to my forehead like I've been hanging over a chip pan for for hours.

Every day the routine's the same: two healthy plunges of Black Malva shampoo followed by a pea sized dollop of Black Malva conditioner. In fact, I was trying to remember what my hair, and by association, my life, was like before the use of Aveda hair products. I adore these two beauty products even though they cost around £40 for a set of bottles. Then I did some maths (in my head!) and realised that the last bottle of shampoo I bought was over 3 months ago and there's still a good 1/4 bottle left.

The conditioner? Well, it's almost done, but, the last time I bought a tube was, wait for it... last November! That's 9 whole months ago! Now for the calculator:

£18 / 9 months = £2 a month
£2 / 30 days = 6.5p per day

That's value for money! Not to mention that the black tea ingredient helps keep my hair nice and dark so I don't have to dye it as often.

Aveda also supports sustainable and organic agriculture and encourages economic independence.

What does everyone else use? Any good beauty product tips?


  1. Me too! I've been using the big bottles of Aveda Shampure/Conditioner for about 5 years now - each bottle lasts me about a year! Very good value indeed - and my hair always feels in really good condition.

    See you soon x

    P.S. Love your new tattoo blog!

  2. You can get Aveda products quite cheaply on QVC - in the salon with Alison ;)

    Paddy † @ LITTLE RAZZI


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