Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

Thinking about cutting my fringe again. My hair's finally long enough to tie up, but looks ridiculous with the heavy fringe. Maybe I need a Pros and Cons list...

Pro Long Fringe
It hides the wrinkles underneath
I don't have to bother plucking my eyebrows
I think I suit it better

Con Long Fringe
I have to cut it way too often
It never sits straight in the wind
Looks crap with my specs and therefore I am blind

Pro Short Fringe
I can wear over the top eye makeup
I can wear my specs
It'll look good with my new head scarves I bought in the sale

Con Short Fringe
Not sure I really suit it
It's a bugger to grow out again
You can see my wrinkles

What do you think??


  1. can you have an in-betweeny mid-length compromise?
    I think both look good on you, but maybe for now you can cut it short, enjoy it for a while (short fringe particularly good in summer when wearing shades and for avoiding sweaty forehead, blee), then get pissed off with the mainernance and grow it long again in a few months. everyone's a winner! x

  2. You look like a completely different person with a short fringe! They both suit you, but if the weather's going to keep being nice every other day like it is right now, maybe a short one would be more practical.

  3. Thanks girlies!
    Gonna chop some of the length off tonight. Maybe just above the brows and see what happens. That way I can go shorter or will only have to suffer a few weeks before it's 'long enough' again.

  4. Pro short fringe! Short fringes are amazing, they give a special personality... :]


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