Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch Channel 4's new 4 part drama 'This Is England 1986' based on Shane Meadows film about a 13 year old loner being welcomed into a gang of skinheads. I loved the film and last night's first installment was a jolly good start - especially the costumes! My favourite by far was Lol's sister (?) in her trashy wedding dress and boots combo, closely followed by the goth chick who likes to tease wee Shaun.

Can you guess which one's may favourite outfit??

I was only a young 'un in 1986, so it was mostly shell suits and tucker boots for me. However, I owned my very first gold lame rara skirt for my 8th birthday just 2 years later. I can remember clearly buying it from Clockhouse, C&A on Argyle Street. I teamed this with black and gold glitter tights, bat wing top and a mass of long blond crimped hair in a side ponytail. This was to be my first ever disco as well. I was super excited and desperate to hear all my fave choons including Transvision Vamp, Bros and ... Glenn Medeiros (come on - I was 8!!)

Halfway through the disco the DJ stopped everything so we could play party games - PARTY GAMES??!! It was a disco - for dancing! Needless to say, I threw a true disco diva style strop and faked a headache to get out of it!

I'm not sure my style (or taste in music for that matter) has ever really evolved beyond the mid-80s. I'm just glad that it's finally 'came back around again'. Bought my annual set of legwarmers in H&M the other day too ;)

I'll leave you with my first ever Pop Idol and style icon, Wendy James.

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  1. Thank goodness your dreams never went beyond the 1980's..

    This is what WENDY JAMES is like in 2010..

    (and no that is NOT what she looked like after a hard night's deejaying that was before she even started..and she is NOT 78 years old either!)

    Yes she does like her deejaying and cocaine..

    (looks a bit like Alex Higgins in his final days doesn't she..?)

    So remember..

    or maybe you'd like to buy her new(ish) album..

    Wendy James is 44 years old.

    See ya

    D R Y B A B Y


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