Friday, 24 September 2010

Put Your High Heels On And Walk For Me

Last night Club Frock and Cock delivered on all counts. Sleazy choons, pretty ladies, dashing gents, bouncing boobies, glow in the dark balloons, feather boas, buckets of eyeliner, spandex trousers, spangly guitars and a bed. A fucking bed - with silk sheets - on the stage. Ya dancer!

No respectable groupie would return home without one of these in her grubby little mits. I caught the rose with one hand as it was tossed into the crowd - straight to me, of course ;)

Mummy's baby wasn't too pleased with being woken up with a rather worse for wear, babbling mess at 3.30 this morning.

And I think she was rather jealous - she HATES the rose.

I'll leave you with not just one, but TWO super fantastic videos shot by Mr G on his swanky new phone. "Bump it up to 720p and view full screen for maximum goodness :-)"

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