Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jessie J: Style Icon

I'm pretty shallow when it comes to music. I like my rock stars to LOOK like rock stars. When I was 14, I could quite easily be 'into' a band I'd spotted on the pages of Melody Maker way before I'd actually heard any of their music. I have no time for fulgy (f**kin ugly) bands. If you're gonna be onstage infront of hundreds or even thousands of people, make a fucking effort!

The last time I watched the Brits was back in the late 90s when Chumbawumba chucked a bucket of water over John Prescott and Jarvis Cocker gave Jacko the bum's rush. But this lil lady caught my eye the other night. Jessie J. Never heard of her, or any of her music, but she looks the biz and therefore - I love her! Apparently she won the BBC Sound of 2011 award and she has just won the Critic's Choice Award at this year's Brits which will take place on Tuesday 15th February.

Have you seen the new award? It's been restyled by Vivienne Westwood. What do you make of it? Do you even care?

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  1. Yes, I love her look too! Only heard that single she's got out but it's a heavy club banger. x

  2. I posted her Do it like a duuuuude video a while ago, only for the sake of those studded lips! Hot damn! Apart from her style, im not really into her though.

  3. She looks uh-mazing! and her style reminds me a bit of you, the fringe cutting photo and all the fur. Saw a photo of the Westwood Brit award the other day, I quite like it but I wasn't 'wowed' by it. XX

  4. She looks perfect. I love her hair..and a wee bit of black lipstick. YES x

  5. Never heard of her, but love the studded lip thing going on!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  6. Her hair is SO cool, I saw her on some breakfast cat show and her hair was so shiny it didn't look real! I really hate her song Do it Like a Dude, but I quite like her style!


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