Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Muse

I know it's only Monday, but you can never start planning your weekend too early...

This Saturday is our Dance Magic Dance! Masked Ball. A joint affair to celebrate the end of January, pay day, and my 30th (which was ages ago, but who wants to squeeze in another bash right before Christmas?)

I've been collecting pretty pictures for inspiration.

From the top: Akif Hakan Celebi, Chanel, pretty eyes, doll face, Audrey Kitching and Chanel - again...


  1. The dress in the top picture is awesome! I want one! xxx

  2. Love heart hair!! Oh how I love it so. The dress with the little dolls? is that what they are? is actually the best thing I've ever seen. xx

  3. Very cute pictures, I like the hair.



  4. Great inspirational pics indeed, Love them all and I 'm sure you will pull off a great look.

    Have a good one when it comes.. roll on to the weekend eh xx

  5. I digg the the doll inspiration a lot!


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