Sunday, 23 October 2011

Specs Appeal

Finally had my eyes tested last month and got myself some new, desperately needed, specs. I'm short-sighted and basically can't see 6 feet in front of me at this time of year. Dusk is a total nightmare and as it's now getting dark at 'coming home time' I'd like to make sure I'm getting on the right bus and not trying to flag down police cars instead of taxis. These sexy wee wayfarers cost me the sum total of £17.70, including lenses. I ordered 5 frames for a free home trial from Glasses Direct. Chose these and ordered them a few days later. They were £59 and for that I could get another pair completely free. I chose a standard rectangle shape pair in an orangey/goldy colour - for work n that. The day I ordered I got an email through from the company offering me a further 40% off the total. Feck! That brought the 2 pairs down to £35.40 - practically FREE!!

Excuse the hair. I've decided to grow my fringe again - sorry to everyone who voted for me to cut it. I just cannae make it work for me with longer hair and I love the length more than I love the short fringe. The colour's all washed out too. We are in the process of installing a new bathroom and we've been without a bath for nearly two weeks, so I'm smelly, hairy and blonde... BUT - it should be all finished this week and I have a sack full of Lush bath bombs in preparation for my long awaited soak!

ASOS jumper // H&M leggings // TK Maxx boots


  1. Really?! that cheap? I've been putting off getting glasses for ages due to the price and lack of interesting styles on the high street.
    Will be checking that site out!

  2. They are lush, they look really similar to my purple pair (which I too bought from Glasses Direct - think they were called Comopolitan.) I get SO many compliments on them!

    I love Glasses Direct, used them for lots of pair of glasses now and never an issue. Cannot rate them enough. I often buy when it's BOGOF or similar. Got a few prescription sunnies too as like you anything beyond about 6 feet in front of me is a blur. Let's not talk about all the embarrassing times I have waved at strangers thinking I knew them...

  3. love those leggings! wow!

  4. I'm loving your new glasses!! Fashion statement for sure.

  5. You have great Specs appeal, HOT! I have specs too had to wear them the whole time to navigate NY, Mrs Magoo otherwise x

    Sleekit x


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