Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tattooed Barbie?

This is Simone Legno's Tokidoki Barbie. Rumoured to be the first ever tattooed Barbie? I have no idea - never been a Barbie fan, but having practically modelled myself on Tokidoki, I'll definitely be on the hunt for one of these. She's launched on 8th October in Santa Monica.

However, she's no Feral Cheryl. Modelled on green extremists in Australia known as 'ferals' (known elsewhere as 'crusties' - no offence!). Each Cheryl is individually styled with dreadlocks and tattoos. Sadly (?) she's no longer in production... May have something to do with her 'bag of herbs' that she was never without...


  1. Ohh thats amazing! I want one lol

  2. Haha! Feral Cheryl sounds like a treat. I like the tattooed Barbie. Hopefully there won't be too many Mum's and Dad's not buying these for their kids. Hurrah for tattoos!

  3. Oh I love this! Not sure if it's the first tattooed one, as I have the Hard Rock Cafe Rockabilly Barbie and she has tattoos! I love her!! Got her for my 22nd birthday and wasn't at all embarassed!
    This one is just as gorgeous tho x

  4. Ooooh shhhhhh%&t I'm TOTALLY buying this!!!! Plus I'm a big fan of Simone Legno, too (one of the few great things my hometown has ever given life to). She's awesome, She has a pink bob, what else to ask for??

  5. ooooohoho this is f***in' fatastic!!!
    also, I know Simone and he is so much fun! :D


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