Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

So, I'm finally back at work (boo) after my nasty throat/cough/sinus mutation virus. Spending two whole days in the flat gave me lots of time to think and plan - one of my most favourite hobbies! Planning and list-making. My love of all things Art Deco has once again reared it's decadent head. I've been creeping all over Tumblr sites such as Maudelynn's Menagerie, FY1920s, So You Think You Can See and my favourite, the Sydney Flapper  searching out inspiration for my new/old hairdo. I adore my orange hair, but it just refuses to hold the colour and after a week it's a piss yellow shade - which I hate. I also hate the cut, or lack thereof. I trawled through old photos from a couple of years ago and I've fallen madly in love with my old Louise Brooks bob...

Las Vegas, October 2009

Vegas, October 2009, eating - again...

My wedding day, 3rd October 2008

I don't want to do anything too spur of the moment (just incase it's the illness making me mental), so I've invested in some Feria hairdye that's a nice copper shade. Will switch to this over the Christmas period and then get it bobbed at the end of January. If I'm still not happy I'll go back to black after that.

What's your favourite style decade? I'm 70% 20s, 10% 30s and 20% 80s.


  1. copper sounds good for Xmas :) and definitely you are stunner with that black bob!

    btw, after years of dying, bleaching and coloring my hair I am really happy that my henna experiment turned out well and I can give my poor head a break... plus I managed to reduce the henna stink by adding vanilla drops in! ;)

  2. Love a bob! But I love it cos it reminds me of the 90s rather than the 20s. I like mine a bit grown-out looking with a middle part. THAT SAID, the Louise Brooks do looks fab on you - do it!! xx


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