Monday, 12 December 2011

Shop Local

After a rather productive day in the house on Saturday (cleaning, constructing and moving stuff around), I decided to hit a few craft/vintage fairs that were happening on Sunday on the southside of Glasgow.

vintage sheepskin coat // black leggings from Topshop // ASOS black polo neck // H&M mustard sleeves // really old necklace - from H&M? // Sara Berman patent bag // KG boots

Sara Berman bag, Kenneth Jay Lane bee ring and 'Lex', my Alexander McQueen keyring (gift from Mr G)

First up (and literally 2 minutes from my flat) we have Whims-icle Affairs, promising, arts and crafts, pre-worn, vintage and designer clothing. Kirsty wrote a fantastic blog about the last one in November and I felt I'd really missed out, so there was no way I was gonna miss this one! I stood for about 5 minutes literally pawing a fantastic 1980s dogtooth dress but I was mainly shopping for wee extra Christmas add-ons for folk, NOT myself, so even though it was only £18, I gingerly stepped away and moved on down the hill to fair number 2, the Afternoon Twee.

I have 'borrowed' this photo of the Afternoon Twee set-up from their facebook page. I need a new phone so I can take half decent photos on the go! This was my third visit to this one. First one was amazing, second was poor and this one was back right back up there again.

I picked up both of these beautiful wee vintage teacup sets for my Nana's Christmas. The candle is 'Cranberry Marmalade' - delicious! Really kicking myself for not picking one up for myself... Set was a bargain £6, candle was a little pricey at £10, but I couldn't pass up the Japanese style pattern.

Special wee treat for Mr G's afternoon snack - a mini Baileys cake and a cointreau one for me. The girl had an orgasmic selection of Christmassy chocolatety indulgences. £1 a pop - no bad!

And finally, I'd like to introduce to the new ladies in my life. These are original 1920s photos of girls of the Folie Bergere. The first stand I reached had literally stacks and stacks of cutouts from vintage fashion magazines and dress-making patterns. I had a fantastic conversation with the wee man who owned the collection and came away feeling like I'd made an amazing discovery. He's expecting a delivery of some very special items on 15th December which he will have on sale at the next Twee in January. That's all I'm gonna say right now. If you're local, I'll be the one sitting outside waiting for them to open the doors!

I've also asked him to search for original photos of tattooed ladies from the 1880s-1930s. This is gonna be my new obsession and collection. Prepping for our new (imaginary) flat!

After a lovely wee afternoon at the fairs, I popped into Pierrot and Coco. A truly whimsicle boutique hidden up the side of the local Co-op. It's a bit like shopping inside the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Beautiful surreal jewellery by the likes of Tilly Bloom is encased inside bell jars while cardboard stag heads peer down at you. What a treat! You can have a peek at their Christmas treats here, but unfortunately for those of you who don't live locally, you'll have to wait until the New Year for the opening of the online store - sorry!

BTW, what's going on with Blogger photo resizing?? All my portrait photos have been shrunk from 600 pixels to 400, but landscape are fine. Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone able to help?? *edit* Fixed the problem! If anyone else is having problems, see here or email me x


  1. you look stunning like always :) i love your faux fur!!

  2. Aw, what a lovely wee blog and thanks for the shout out! I must try out Afternoon Twee next time I'm off on a sunday - looks amazeballs! Love those 1920s ladies, va va voom! xx

  3. Looks like a great fair, the vintage photographs are beautiful. The leo coat looks fab too x

  4. your hair is looking lush! Glad you had fun. Glasgow is great for vintage fairs and markets, I can't wait to attend more of them when I move there

  5. Ahhhh... YOUR COAT!!! So wonderful, would love to have one just like that! You look gorgeous :D

  6. Ack that coat -- fantastic! Don't let me near, you'll never see it again muahahaha!


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