Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Toaty Wee Tree

This is Evil Edna, the fairy at the top of our toaty* wee Christmas tree. We didn't bother with a tree last year - it takes up too much space, but Mr G agreed to move things around a bit and we made room for a tiny little 3 foot fir at the fireplace.

*Scottish Slang "something small"

These toaty wee photos are bugging the hell out of me - although I resize to 600 pixels wide, Blogger seems to have shrunk them all down. Can anyone help me fix the problem? *edit* Fixed the problem! If anyone else needs help, see here or email me x

Shiny Disco Balls

The new telly on 'Christmas Mode' to set the scene...

... Our nativity cats. 'Cat people' always receive cat ornaments as presents, hence our Motley Crue of moggies. Someone pointed out on Facebook that they looked like a nativity set with baby Jesus as a mouse/dinner.


  1. I *think* blogger uploads picture to and then takes them from Picasa... apparently if you directly upload to Picase and then take the photos from it when you're writing it helps with a lot of picture issues.

    Anyway. Your tree is adorable!


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