Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Bitch Is Back

Ooft! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm not gonna make excuses or witter on about why I've not been posting, just know that I'm back and kicking off with my spring wishlist...

Studded nappa leather biker jacket by To Kill A Star

This jacket has it all - and some! I neeeed it, like really neeeed it. It's jumped to the top of my list and it will be mine come next payday.

Wulfrun Underground creepers in black suede (surely it'll stop raining in Glasgow at some point?)

And to brighten my wardrobe, these floral crops from Julien MacDonald @ Debenhams. I'm pretty sure there was a tailored jacket to match, but I can't find it online. I'd have the jacket too.

A quick *hello* to all my new followers as well and a wee note to say that I'm experimenting with Instagram if anyone wants to follow: baroque_boudoir


  1. You could rock those capri pants at my birthday party. Lou votes 'yes' to creepers. x

  2. You could rock those capri pants at my birthday party. Lou votes 'yes' to creepers. x

  3. The jacket is to die for and you will definitely look amazing in it!! I've just joined Instagram too as it's now available to android users WOOHOO! I shall follow you! x

  4. That jacket is really cool! I would wear it any time :D



  5. I love that jacket, it's quite possibly perfect!
    I'm dying on a pair of creepers, TUK have some crazy/amazing designs.

    Clo xox

  6. Well hello, good to see you back, loving your Spring wish list, we're in the thick of Autumn so it's woolly jumpers for me!

    Sleekit x

  7. Ooo gosh!! The floral crops grab my eyes!! So cool!!
    If you are a chic fans, you can also go on a journey in here: ray ban

  8. killer jacket indeed
    I want to see you wearing it!!!!

  9. Btw Quiz are doing a variety of creepers and knowing them itll be a decent price you should check them out.I think i need that jacket too haha


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