Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rococo Rose

I've been planning this post for months, but held off because I wanted to give Lou one of these beautiful roses for her birthday, and didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Rococo Rose was created by Alexia Dwarka in her kitchen in 2010. Bored of creating formulaic hand-tied bouquets of roses studded with eucalyptus leaves, and concerned by the enormous amount of energy and resources used by the floristry industry to water, refrigerate and ship fresh flowers all around the world, Alexia wanted to create a floral gift that would re-discover the sentimentality behind giving a single rose as a present, but in a quirky way.

The roses are first selected for their full-blown size and then each one preserved using a glycerine feed so that they last for 12 months. Next, Alexia has discovered a magical way of hand-printing the petals with nineteenth-century engravings before finally scenting and boxing the roses ready for gift-giving. Simply beautiful.


  1. This is incredible, what an adorable idea- it would make the loveliest gift!


  2. Love this!!!! Very beautifull!

  3. Where did you find such a beautifull gift?

  4. These are so beautiful! I will remember for sure next time I need a gift x

  5. What a gorgeous idea, I've never seen anything like that before

    Love the pics in the park

    Sleekit x

  6. What a beautiful & charming gift idea - can't believe they can past for up to 12 months - amazing! x

  7. I keep meaning to comment, but being quite lazy. This is the most interesting rose I've ever seen. I though the most interesting ones I had seen were quite a few years ago that looked marbled, red on red. But these have them beat by a long shot! I hope you're doing well, I know I still have to post your book, been sick for a month and not doing much of anything. Hopefully its healing time! XXX Love, Suzanne


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