Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hot Mess: Part Deux

Late on Friday night, 8 pals from the Land of the Weedge trecked across a snow covered wilderness to invade the hottest party in the East: Hot Mess - Part Deux.
Inside, we danced oor wee hearts out, gradually being forced to peel off our clothes, layer by layer.
Unfortunately, I chose to channel my inner Nikki Sixx all night and therefore only have photos of myself pulling the most ridiculous poses. These were the only ones that were even half-way towards being suitable for viewing.
I'm wearing a £1.50 black vest top from Primark, vintage fake fur coat, a ton of bling that was kindly gifted to me earlier in the evening and out of shot (in every picture) my leopard print leggings and Docs. Really must get better at the whole outfit posting...
As always, the night was a belter and it was fantastic to catch up with the gang xx


  1. You look cool as fuck and I want to cry for not being there. Fuck illnes! See the next time I'm ill, gonna just tell me to stick a frock on and get on with it. Thanks. Love you. xxx

  2. Your hair's looking cool here! Very shiny.

  3. ahah this last pic of you is f-ing great! badass, yeah... we love this!!!

  4. Once again you were the star of the night! Cheerz dear for coming along xxx


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