Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ghosts Of Christmas

I'm getting into the 'spirit' of things tonight at The Arches 'Ghosts of Christmas'. I've got tickets for me, Mr G, my brother and his girlfriend as a special wee treat for us all.

It seemed like a great idea a few weeks ago when I spotted it on Attention 2 Detail's blog. My brother is a huge horror fan and runs Glasgore, a monthly Cult and Horror film discussion group at the Glasgow Film Theatre. I thought to myself, "that would make a great wee extra pressie - I'll grab us a few tickets and we can go for some dinner afterwards."

Now that the 'show' draws closer and I'm looking out the window as the fog and darkness once again descends over the River Clyde, I'm beginning to regret my 'eureka' moment.

You see, although I have a passion for all things dark, gothic and twisted, at heart, I'm a big 'fearty' - totally scared witless at even the mere mention of watching a horror film. I needed a cushion to watch 'The Others'...

What on earth have I got myself into??

I have recollections of mum and I screaming and crying the whole way around Frankenstein's House at the Exhibition Centre Carnival about 20 years ago. Tonight's show is for adults only. I hope I make it to Christmas...

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