Thursday, 30 December 2010

Beautiful Bargains

There were a few wee gems to be picked up at the sales on Tuesday. I had prepared a list and a route to keep me on track and not distracted. It worked for the most part and here's a sneak preview of a few of my finds.

First up, a beautiful Sara Berman patent leather bag - with ORANGE lining! You know how much I love orange. I had four different bags slung over my arm (including a Zandra Rhodes) as I tried to find a quiet corner to have a good rifle through them to see which one suited best. Although not the cheapest, or strictly in the sale, the Ms Berman won hands down. It's got a really good weight to it and it's the perfect size. Big enough to carry a brolly, wallet, phone and make-up, but not so big that I lug around a ton of assorted other shit. I am notorious for carrying a huge bag and shoving all sorts of crap in it every day - bad for my posture! The Berman was also the obvious choice to play host to Lex, my new Alexander McQueen skull keyring - just one of my truly fantastic pressies from Mr G.

Here you can see Lex hanging out on my new bag accompanied by my Tatty Devine cat bangle that was a birthday gift from my wee brother and his girlfriend - good taste!

old black polo neck // River Island scarf // Topshop leather jacket // new Topshop grey cardigan // blue tights // new black wedges from TK Maxx // Me & Zena necklace that was won in a blog giveaway

In this photo I'm wearing a new grey cardigan that I snapped up in Topshop for a mere £7. Sticking to my 'only buy if you liked it full price' motto, this felt like a great bargain - down from £35. The 'Maternity' label stitched to the inside may have something to do with the generous reduction, but hey, I'm not fussy - it's on the inside! Also in shot are the new black 'suedette' wedges I picked up in TK Maxx with the bag. I have to confess that they were not in the sale either, but isn't TK Maxx just a perpetual sale? Anyhoo, I'd had my eye on these for a while and at 30 squid, I think I got a fair deal.
Apologies for not posting a better photo of the cardigan. We took loads and in every one I look like a gormless giant smurf - not good. This was the best of the bunch - eek!

A leopard print bodysuit, black pencil skirt and *fantabulous* electric blue stilletto ankle boots completed the swag. I will save these for another day.

That's all for now my lovelies! What are you all planning for New Year's Eve?? I want to hear all your plans!


  1. Tatty devine kitty bracelet, love. Alexander McQueen keyring, love. TK Maxx wedges, love! As always your outfit is A-MAY-ZING.

  2. ahhh that bag is fabulous!! what a great find. I love your style, very rocker chic xox

  3. Another fabby blog posting. I'm digging your wedges and your bag is very pretty. Looking good Madame G.

    P.S Your hair looks amazing! xx

  4. Looks like you did pretty well in the sales miss! :) I love tatty devine! and you cant go wrong with a bit of betsey :) I'm just having a quiet one this new year, hope you have a great one missus xx

  5. I love all the bargains that everyone's picking up! Great finds. :)

  6. Black is a safe color and would look good on anything that you wear. Bags, like this one in the photo, would be very ideal for shoppers, if the only thing that you want to bring at the mall is your phone and wallet, and still be in style. But since you like to carry lots of stuff, it's still enough to carry the rest of the things that you will bring. The material for this one looks like it will last long, too. Great job on finding a quality bag!

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