Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Not For The Faint Of Heart

A bit sleepy this morning. Last night was my introduction to the mighty HEALTH. I'd been introduced to them only a few months ago and to be honest, only listened to their second album a few times in it's entirety, but who can resist a good double bass pedal, throbbing basslines and sinister synth?? Check out my previous post.
As we squeezed into the 110 capacity sold out venue, the Captain's Rest, clinging to our pints of cider and black, I realised we were about to witness something special. These guys could have easily rocked and filled a much larger venue.

"We're HEALTH from Los Angeles"

Off we go!

Right, if I hover on my tippy toes and put all my weight on my right side I can just about make out John, the bass player's whipping long locks. Shift as best I can to the left, peering over Spinal Lou's blonde mane, I can see the flashing tips of BJ the drummer's insane sticks. I'm pretty sure Lou's view was a checked shirt and sweaty armpits...

Nae photos for me then.

I'm a pretty visual person and if I go to see aband, I do like to actually see them, but, relentless pounding on the drum kit mixed with the droning guitars was spot on. The sound quality was just the bees knees. Could have done without the wishy-washy vocals - a bit too shoe gazey for my taste, but the haunting soundscapes made up for it.

Check them out. They're playing Liverpool tonight and London tomorrow before heading to Europe.

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  1. Nice review honey. I like it. Yeah, my view was mostly of a knitted zig-zag patterned jumper. I wonder why most of their fans were so tall?


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