Monday, 26 April 2010

Omnia Vanitas

This has been a jam-packed weekend. Kicked off on Friday at noon with getting my new chest tattoo. Arrived at Irezumi on Dowanhill Street, Partick, 5 minutes late. Had to dive into the Partick Tavern to use their facilities before heading into the shop - shouldn't have had that second cuppa before I left the house. Sitting in the waiting room I realised Steven (Wrigley - son of Terry) was caught up with another customer so I didn't feel too bad.12.15pm: still sitting there, now listening to some rather dodgy reggae tunes - wtf??
12.20pm: Lee, the apprentice, pops his head round the door and mouths 'sorry - 5 minutes'
12.25pm: the other guy appears, top off, with Steven to look at some flash on the wall. I pick up that he's after a chinese dragon down his back - sounds nice.12.30pm: finally - into the studio and the choons have improved. Lee offers me a coffee which I politely decline - no more liquids for me. Chat turns to the gentleman wanting the chinese dragon.
"Aye, it's a cover up he's after""What's he covering up?""Yosemite Sam... with tits!"

After much gaffawing, down to business.The day before there was much to-ing and fro-ing between us over the final design. This is how it went:

Sketch 1: Left or right? I prefered the left, but not keen on the wing

Sketch 2: Crossed keys? Hmmm... nah - don't like that either. I'd prefer some flowers or some shining light?

Sketch 3: Shining light is on every other chest tattoo - you're not getting that. What about this?

Final Sketch: I love it!

By 2.45pm on Friday it was all over. Bit ouchy around the heart in the middle as I'm not so well endowed and quite boney, but no where near as painful as my feet.

Here's the finished artwork:


Inspired by the work of Glenn Arthur


  1. That's amazing! It seems to have been really quick too-a friend of mine has a chest piece smaller than that, and hers took a lot longer. Your tattooist must be a bit of a genious. Would you recommend them? I'm looking for someone in Glasgow to do me a sleeve/shoulder piece (when I get a job, obv) but don't want to go back to where I got my first 2 tattoos..

  2. Your tattoo is amazing - so much so that I am now thinking all the time about what I will get next! I see you got those Jeffrey Campbell wedges?! I am so jealous... these are the Melissa/Viv shoes I want, only in the more matt black finish if they come:

    See you soon, Denise x

  3. Wow! Great size for a chest tattoo and don't even get me started on the subject matter... The overall design looks classic but not overdone. Your post made me want one lol.

  4. Can't wait to see your new ink in the flesh! I f*cking love it!! I'm also a wee bit jealous as you make me want a new one :o) XXX

  5. @ Julia: I'd certainly recommend Steven Wrigley. I've been going to him for years as have most of my friends. He's not cheap, but you get what you pay for! He specialises in Japanese tattoos, but can turn his hand to anything. Good luck x

    @Denise: Those Melissa's are fab - I plan to wear my Jeffreys to your cocktail party!

    Thank you Lou and Style Geek xx


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