Friday, 30 April 2010

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Barbara I Gongini

Been craving a pair of these for ages now. Maybe it's time for me to try my hand at DIY??


  1. They're awesome! Def try to DIT them. I got 1100 studs from a site called studs and spikes or something like that, but it was a US site so p+p was epic, so maybe try to find a UK site first? The ones I have are great quality though, mega sturdy.

  2. Aaaaaagh meant DIY, my typing goes crazy after a few glasss of wine :s

  3. You can do totally DIY this. Finding the right studs may be tricky but it's definitely doable

  4. I was considering trying to use labret studs that they use for piercing. I can get nice big spikes that way. Any thoughts??


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