Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Driller Killer

I've toyed with the idea of DIY on and off for years. But, truth be told, A) I'm too lazy and B) not really creative enough. Slice a few sleeves off a tshirt I can manage, but to really deconstruct one garment and transform into something even better? No chance. It still looks like it did when I attempted the same thing with Barbie's clothes when I was 5.
Here's a nice wee clip of Gemma Slack butchering a pair Doc Martens and transforming them into kick-ass stomping boots from the future. Best left to the professionals methinks.

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  1. I wish I was good at DIY, but I have to leave it to other (-: Rad boots! and i like your food porn in next post - yummy. Thanks o much for the birthday wishes! Adding you to my blog roll now (-:


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