Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Moment On The Lips

As most of you will know, I spent last weekend at a glorious wedding in the Cotswolds. Which loosely translates as a three day excuse to gorge myself with goodies: sweeties for the journey down; ham, egg and chips with a mountain of mayonaise for dinner; pint (s) of local cider; Full English for breakfast (you never know when you might get fed at a wedding, you could be waiting around until like, 4 o'clock, so better stock up); champagne, canapes, champagne, cider, home-brewed ale, canapes; pie, veg, wine, cheesecake, wine, fudge, florentines, gin, hot chocolate; Full English to sort out the hangover; 'nibbles' with the relatives, pink fizz, wine; lasagne, garlic bread, cider; Full English for the journey home. Eek!

Now, I also have another wedding in less that two weeks. A very special wedding. And I'm bridesmaid. With a very special dress to fit into...
So, I'm back on the Diet Coke/rabbit food rations for the next 9 days, or 216 hours, to be precise. Do not speak to me. Do not look at me. And whatever you do, DO NOT wave anything delicious in front of me. I have been torturing myself with Pretty Foods for days.


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