Monday, 21 June 2010

The Sun Has Got Its Hat On

The weather in Glasgow has been truly tropical of late. So, I've decided to start walking into the city centre along the River Clyde after work each night. A few years ago this would have required proper walking shoes to traverse the uneven 'pathway' and protect your feet from literally hundreds of broken Buckfast bottles, eyes on the back of your head in case some random ned* sprung out from the bushes and an ability to 'look the other way' as much of the area along the Clyde was frequented by hookers and doggers!
Since the BBC and Scottish Television moved their premises down to the river a few years back, there's been a marked improvement. New bridges link the north and south and the cycle path is absolutely buzzing. I took these photos on my way home on Friday evening. I felt like a tourist in a European city. A far cry from stepping over god knows what whilst scurrying past the rustling in the bushes!
If you're local, I highly recommend a pleasant evening stroll along the River Clyde.

*slang for Non-Educated Delinquent

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  1. I like your less sinister KoRn style silhouette! It's very whimsical & magical, I want my shadow to wave back at yours! xx


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